Geng Gong Temple standing at the highest point

Although Geng Gong has never been to Kashgar, there was Ban Chao guarding Pantuo City in the south of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and Geng Gong guarding Shule City in the north, echoing each other from the south to the north. Their spiritual power is enough to inspire future border generals, so there is the Kashgar Geng Gong Temple, a scenic spot and historical site by association. Coincidentally, Kashgar now not only has Ban Chao City Park (Pantuo City), but also has rebuilt the Geng Gong Temple, allowing the elements of these two famous generals, Ban Chao and Geng Gong, to blend into Kashgar. It has to be said that it is a fortunate thing, and the Geng Gong Temple standing at the highest point is truly the soul of the old city of Kashgar.
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Posted: Jan 4, 2024
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