The old city of Kashgar is not as good for strolling as imagined, but I would still visit if I come again

The off-season old city of Kashgar is somewhat bleak Many shops are closed It's deserted, and I couldn't feel the bustling scene of the old city. If you just want to check in at popular spots and take cosplay photos, then traveling in the off-season would be a good time (⚠️Some popular spots are also closed in the off-season: such as the rooftop photos many people take). No need to wait, take as long as you want. We walked from the east city to the west city, and then walked back to the east city from the west city. Apart from the people living in the old city, there were hardly any tourists. The old city of Kashgar is divided into east and west areas, separated by a main road 1⃣️【East Area】: Opening ceremony (one at 10:30 and 18:00 each), Sky Garden, TV tower internet celebrity spot, Corner Coffee, rooftop photos, Bazaar food street, etc. are all in the east area; the east area is relatively lively and larger 2⃣️【West Area】: Century-old teahouse, Rainbow Lane, Cloth Bag Box, Antique Street, Oil Painting Street are all here; 🌟There will be relatively fewer places to eat and stay in the off-season, but there is absolutely no need to worry. It is recommended to play for 2 days, one day in the east area and one day in the west area. This time is just a meeting, and I will definitely experience the bustling old city of Kashgar when I go again in the peak season.
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Posted: Feb 7, 2024
Ayah Abdullah
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