Kashgar cattle and sheep bazaar | QQ bouncy sheep PP can't stop touching

Scenery in northern Xinjiang, culture in southern Xinjiang But in recent years, the commercial atmosphere of the old city has also become much stronger Losing some of the local flavor Living in Kashgar for a month, what fascinated me the most was the cattle and sheep bazaar - This is the largest live livestock market in Asia Although it is only about 10 kilometers away from the old city, it presents a completely different style Don't miss this place when you come to Kashgar, it will definitely give you a strong experience - 📍Navigation: Wasteland Township Cattle and Sheep Bazaar 🚗Transportation: It is recommended to drive or take a taxi. You can take the No. 23 bus from the old city, about 1 hour's drive 🈺️Business hours: Every Sunday 10:00-20:00, it will be more lively after 12:00 - 👇👇 【Highlights】 ✅Live livestock trading I think it's very interesting. The market is divided into cattle and sheep trading areas. Here retains the most primitive non-scale trading method, all depending on the feel. I was fortunate to see a close-up on the day. The buyer and seller quoted prices with their fingers in their cuffs. After a few rounds, they shook hands when both sides were satisfied. If they couldn't agree, a third party would mediate - ✅Touching sheep PP The sheep PP in Xinjiang is too bouncy, peach-shaped peach buttocks, can't stop at all, who knows! Not all sheep can do it, you have to find the peach-shaped ones, shaking when walking. The locals are very enthusiastic, and you can negotiate with the owner to get into the sheep pen for a close experience - ✅Authentic Xinjiang cuisine Outside the cattle and sheep bazaar is a comprehensive market, selling clothes, hats, fruits, various snacks, etc. Because most of the people who come here are locals, it is more authentic and not expensive Roasted buns, meat naan, pilaf, lamb skewers.... all have, if you come in the morning, you can save some stomach, eat here and then go to the cattle and sheep bazaar - ✅Dance with Xinjiang people In Xinjiang, you can dance anywhere as long as there is music, it's true Coming in at the entrance of the market, following the sound of music, you will see a group of locals mixed with a few outsiders dancing together. At the end of each song, someone will invite you to join, even if you can't dance, the main thing is to have fun. I definitely wouldn't dare to do it at home - ⚠️ 【Precautions】 ☞Live livestock market, the smell inside is inevitably strong, and there are droppings everywhere on the ground, and the dust is also large, you can bring a mask, those with cleanliness please be cautious. I felt a bit unbearable when I first went in, but I got used to it later ☞Pay attention to safety, there are cattle and sheep everywhere, don't get too close, so as not to be frightened and hurt yourself ☞There should be carpooling back to the old city on the way back, you can ask ☞The first thing to do when you get home is to wash and change clothes, just in case there are some fleas
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Posted: Feb 9, 2024
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