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Ili + South Xinjiang Essence 16-day Tour Guide

【Opening】: South Xinjiang, Once the thirty-six countries of the Western Regions, the bustling Silk Road. Emperor Wu of Han defeated the Huns here, Xuanzang returned eastward from his pilgrimage here, and the Tang Monk and his disciples passed through here on their journey to the West. It is the dreamy Western Regions that haunt people's dreams, and the ultimate dream of countless travelers. ⛺【Play Tips】: Bai Sha Lake---The blue crystal on the Pamir Plateau Duku Highway---The most beautiful highway that must be traveled in this life Da Xiao Long Pool---Two green gems embedded next to Duku Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves---The murals in the grottoes in the vast desert, meeting the ancient country of Kucha Kashgar Old City---"Gao Tai residential buildings" century-old tea house, a very charming small city Panlong Ancient Road---Walk all the winding roads in one day, and all the roads ahead are smooth Karakul Lake---The holy lake under the snow mountain, the pearl on the Pamir Plateau 🛬【Itinerary】: Day 1 All over the country--Urumqi Day 2 Urumqi--Sailimu Lake Day 3 Sailimu Lake--Lavender Base--Kazanqi Folk Culture Village--Yining Day 4 Yining-Izhao Highway Shate Ancient Road--Zhaosu Day 5 Zhaosu--Qiongkushitai--Tekes Day 6 Tekes-Kalajun Grassland-Kuokesu Grand Canyon--Xinyuan Day 7 Xinyuan--Nalati Grassland--Bayinbuluke Day 8 Bayinbuluke-Duku Highway-Da Xiao Long Pool-Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon-Kuche Day 9 Kuche-Tahe Bund-Tarim River Bridge-Shaya Devil Forest-Alar Day 10 Alar--Desert Highway--Yotkan Ancient City-Hotan Day 11 Hotan--Shache Mansion-Yeerqiang Khan Mausoleum--Kashgar Day 12 Kashgar Old City Aitigar Mosque Century-old Tea House Day 13 Kashgar Baisha Mountain-Baisha Lake--Karakul Lake--Tashkurgan Day 14 Tashkurgan-Panlong Ancient Road-Bandier Lake-Jincao Beach Stone City-Tashkurgan Day 15 Tashkurgan--Oytag Red Mountain--Oytag Glacier Park--Kashgar Day 16 Kashgar--All over the country 🧡【tips】: 1. Apply for the border defense certificate in advance, either in the place of household registration or in Kashgar 2. Bring thick clothes for the plateau's four seasons in one day 3. Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses/rehydration are essential
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Posted: Feb 19, 2024
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