A glimpse of eternity! In March, in southern Xinjiang, I encountered a shower of apricot blossoms on the plateau

Every year from mid-March to early April is the season when apricot blossoms bloom on the Pamir Plateau in southern Xinjiang. 👉Unlike the apricot blossoms in northern Xinjiang, those in southern Xinjiang bloom earlier.㊙️ Southern Xinjiang features ancient wild apricot blossoms intertwined with villages, offering a richer cultural atmosphere. 【Best Time to View Apricot Blossoms】 Mid-March to early April, with different blooming times due to varying altitudes. 【Attraction Introduction】 Pamir Plateau: Uncover the ethnic groups on the Pamir Plateau, step into the sea of flowers, stroll through the apricot forests, wander around homestays, and capture the beautiful scenery. Kashgar Old Town: With a long history, diverse culture, and strong ethnic characteristics, it is also the sub-venue for this year's Spring Festival. Tashkurgan Ancient Path: Hidden within the ancient path are not only apricot blossom villages but also bizarre rocks and magical landscapes. White Sand Lake: A sand mountain wrapped in silver sand naturally formed on the Pamir Plateau, where you can take breathtakingly beautiful pictures without any filters. Muztagh Ata Volcanic Crater: There are several scattered dormant volcanic craters of various sizes, which are very spectacular. Band-e Amir Lake: A hidden super sapphire on the Pamir Plateau, a less-known attraction. Happiness No. 5 Bridge: The rustic Happiness No. 5 Bridge connects the two banks of the Yeh River and brings together a thousand years of Tajik culture. 【Route Reference】 Day1: Kashgar Day2: Kashgar--White Sand Lake, Karakul Lake 'Muztagh Ata'--Taxkorgan Day3: Taxkorgan--Wakhan Corridor 'Panlong Ancient Path', Band-e Amir Blue Lake--Koksu/Tashkurgan Day4: Koksu/Tashkurgan--Tashkurgan Apricot Blossom Village, Western Region Tajik Villages, Herdsmen--Taxkorgan Day5: Taxkorgan--Pamir Plateau, Golden Grassland, Stone City--Kashgar Day6: Kashgar 【Travel Outfit Tips】 🔹In March and April, the temperature on the Pamir Plateau can vary greatly between day and night, so remember to bring several warm clothes. 🔹The plateau's ultraviolet rays are strong, and it's quite dry, so bring enough skincare products and hydrating masks. 🔹For apricot blossom photography, you can try light-colored dresses or Hanfu, while the old town is more suitable for brightly colored ethnic styles. 🔹Prepare some bright-colored hats & scarves as accessories, they make for great photos. 【Travel Tips】 1. There are many old apricot trees in Tashkurgan, and the shapes of the trees are very beautiful. 2. It's not easy to dispose of garbage in the apricot blossom villages, so please try to take the trash back to the county for disposal. Most of the older generation in the apricot blossom villages do not speak Mandarin. If you want to take their pictures, please gesture to ask first, and after taking the photos, you can show them. They are usually very willing. 3. Inside Happiness No. 5 Bridge, there is a grove of century-old apricot trees. The light is very good and beautiful in the morning, and when the wind blows, you can see a spectacular shower of blossoms. 4. If you don't plan to take the Shache Ancient Path, then there's no need to go to Datong Township; Kuzhu is enough.
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Posted: Feb 23, 2024
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