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Meeting Kashgar, meeting you

People often say, 'If you haven't been to Kashgar, you haven't been to Xinjiang.' Once you go to Kashgar, you will find that going to Kashgar is like traveling through several exotic countries. In the old city of Kashgar, there is always a sense of time and space dislocation, as if it has been traced back to the ancient Middle Ages from the modern. The thick walls block the outside noise, and the millennium time is frozen here. The winding hometown is like a time tunnel connecting the past. How to play in Kashgar!! Kashgar Ancient City: With the Aitigaer Mosque as the core, it is distributed on both sides of the east and west of Jiefang North Road. The ancient city is the home of the pure Uighur compatriots for thousands of years. With several pedestrian streets as the main, winding alleys are scattered among them Gaotai Residential: In the northeast end of the old city of Kashgar, it is a Uighur residential area built on a loess cliff more than 40 meters high and more than 800 meters long. It has a history of 600 years and is a major landscape for Kashgar to display ancient Uighur residential buildings and folk customs Kashgar Grand Bazaar: Covering an area of 250 acres, there are 21 professional markets, more than 5,000 stalls and a food street, with tens of thousands of commodities, and a daily flow of people reaching more than 100,000. How can you not go to the Grand Bazaar when you come to Kashgar Kashgar Museum: The two-story exhibition hall displays the history, culture, ethnic characteristics, life customs, and handicrafts of Kashgar in front of the audience Kashgar Travel Tips: The day and night temperature difference in Kashgar is relatively large. In mid-October, the daytime can still be more than 20 degrees, and the night will be as low as around 10 degrees. So you can go out during the day in a short-sleeved T-shirt Kashgar uses Beijing time in the East Eighth District, but it is actually closer to the time in the East Fifth District. The concept of time here is two hours later than Beijing time
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Posted: Feb 8, 2024
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