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It's the perfect time to appreciate chrysanthemums

🌟Highlights: If you haven't had enough of the chrysanthemum exhibition in Zone C of Wuhan's Shahu Park, continue to explore the garden. Navigate to Shahu Park Zone C, and you can see the chrysanthemum exhibition right at the main entrance. ⏳Visiting time: Time: November 4th - November 30th There is an underground parking lot opposite the entrance Take Metro Line 7 or Line 2 to Crab Leg Station, exit from Exit C, 1.5 kilometers away from Shahu Park Zone C. Ride a shared bicycle in the direction of the exit, turn left when you see the Hubei Provincial High People's Court Petition Reception Center, turn right at the traffic light T-junction, and walk another 500 meters. ❤Reasons for recommendation: In addition to the chrysanthemum exhibition, there are also small scenic spots in Shahu Park Zone C. These small scenes are works designed by famous designers, built in real scenes, and each small garden is unique and beautiful, very suitable for taking pictures. Follow the scenery in the picture to see what's going on. When I went there, it was raining, and there were water droplets everywhere on the chrysanthemums and in the garden, which was quite beautiful.
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Posted: Nov 11, 2023
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Mu Lha Qai
Mu Lha Qai
I would love to go there 😍
Shu Mhan Nhie
Shu Mhan Nhie
Perfect place to be❤️😍
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