Am I the only one who noticed? The red walls and ginkgo in Wuhan moved me to tears

A lesser-known spot in Wuhan for ginkgo viewing - Guiyuan Temple. It's not too crowded on weekends, and even fewer people come on weekdays, making it a great place for photography. Ginkgo viewing spots: 1. Next to the Huazang Xuanmen, near the life-release pond, there is a ginkgo tree with dense and layered foliage that is very beautiful; 2. There are a few tall ones when you enter from Gate 1 of Guiyuan Temple; 3. Outside the north gate of the Sutra Depository, there is a row of ginkgo trees. Underneath the trees is a corridor. Sitting here for a coffee break is very comfortable, completely undisturbed and enjoying the autumn scenery of ginkgo alone. The Sutra Depository is a red house, and the red wall is very photogenic! All three spots can be found on the map. The wooden doors, ancient pines, towers, and yellow walls of Guiyuan Temple are also quite beautiful. It's very suitable to pray for blessings and enjoy the autumn with friends in the temple. The viewing period is at the end of November.
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Posted: Nov 26, 2023
Lee Candelario
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