I declare this is the most exquisite hotel in Wuhan!

I declare this is the most exquisite hotel in Wuhan, the service staff will take the initiative to carry luggage, the hotel staff service is not bad; Room: The style is American style, suitable for friends who like dark decoration, the sound insulation is general, I was awakened by the footsteps upstairs at midnight. In compliance with environmental protection, the room only provides basic necessities such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, and other items need to contact the front desk; Restaurant: The buffet on the first floor is 300+ per capita, there is a discount for guests, the taste is average, the environment is good, the tables are relatively close, it will be a bit noisy, taking pictures is still the old problem, the top light is hard to look at, you need to find the angle; Bar: Highly recommended, there are also non-alcoholic drinks, friends who don't drink can also feel the atmosphere, the service is good; Swimming pool: The swimming pool of Fairmont does not need to be described too much, the highlight of the hotel, must be checked in, the Tiffany blue swimming pool is clear and clean, it is especially beautiful when the sun shines down, remember to bring a swimsuit when you go to Fairmont
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Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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Fairmont Wuhan

4.7/5Amazing4554 reviews
Near Hankou Railway Station|Hankou Railway Station/Fanhai CBD/Garden Expo Park, Wuhan
AU$ 223
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