There are so many dragons here, and the 'dragon' will reappear on February 2nd

Fireworks and silver flowers are combined, and the flower market is as bright as day. Recently, while strolling in Wuhan Garden Expo Park, I found that the atmosphere of the Year of the Dragon is already full! The 8th Wuhan Garden Expo Park Lantern Festival Is in full swing.🐲🐲 ✅Highlight one: See the zodiac 'dragon' lantern in the lanterns The dragon is flying in the sky, and it is beneficial to see adults. This year's lanterns are super dragon-flavored. Each dragon has its own posture, some are rushing into the sky, some are mighty and domineering, and there are Q-version cute dragons... There are so many dragons, waiting for you to discover! ✅Highlight two: Watch the dragon lantern in folk performances Every year at the Hankou Temple Fair, dragon and lion dances are essential. This year is the Year of the Dragon, and there will be more 'dragon dances'. From the first day of the New Year to the Lantern Festival, there are multiple 'Gao Long' performances every day, and everyone is welcome to touch the 'dragon' head. ✅Highlight three: Search for 'dragons' in the museum In the Yangtze River Civilization Museum and Wuhan Natural Museum, there are many precious cultural relics and specimens related to dragons. There are dragon images drawn on exquisite and transparent blue and white porcelain, dragons carved on white jade stone carvings, Mamenchisaurus specimens... Come to the museum for a 'dragon search journey' and see what other 'dragons' are there? On February 2, 2024 (Xiaonian), The city's largest, longest route, The most lanterns, the most folk The 8th 'Wuhan Garden Expo Park Lantern Festival' And the 'Hankou Temple Fair' will be grandly opened. I'm looking forward to this year's Lantern Festival in the Garden Expo Park! At that time, I will share more beautiful photos, please stay tuned!😍😍 🏮🏮The 8th Wuhan Garden Expo Park Lantern Festival ⏰Time: February 2nd (Xiaonian) -March 10th (the first day of February) 🕐During the Lantern Festival, the park is open from 8:30-22:00 🕧After 17:00, only the east gate and south 1 gate of the park are open 🕧Stop selling tickets at 20:30, and stop entering the park at 21:00 🎫Tickets: ❇Single time 60 yuan/person ❇Annual card: 🎫Garden Expo Park annual card 150 yuan/piece/, you can enter the park twice a day. 🎫Cooperative annual card: Da Wuhan Tourism Annual Card/Teng Travel e-Card/Hubei Tourism Benefit Card ⏰From the first to the fifteenth day of the first month (February 10th-February 24th) The daytime (8:30-16:30) is valid within the valid number of times. The night scene starts at 16:30, and you need to make an appointment to pay 30 yuan for verification and entry within the valid number of times. After 17:00, only the east gate and south 1 gate are allowed to enter. 🚘Traffic: ⚠️During the Lantern Festival, due to limited parking spaces, it is recommended that everyone come to enjoy the lanterns by public transportation. 🚪East Gate (Main Entrance of the Lantern Festival) 🚌Take 207/336/342/790/792/678 to the Garden Expo Park East Road Garden Expo Park East Gate Station 🚇Subway Line 7 Garden Expo Park Station B Exit 🚪South Gate, South 1 Gate (Secondary Entrance of the Lantern Festival) Take 646/701/329/h100 to Zihua Road Garden Expo Park South Gate Station
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Posted: Feb 13, 2024
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