My bestie said, she would stick to this Xi Yue Hotel whenever she comes to Wuhan in the future!

Xi Yue, still Xi Yue. In Wuhan Optics Valley, I chose Xi Yue Hotel. There are K11 shopping malls and Poly Plaza around, you can go shopping when you are free. It's 1.5 kilometers away from Optics Valley Pedestrian Street, and it's quick to take a taxi. Although it's 8 kilometers away from East Lake, it's close to South Lake. In addition, it's close from Wuhan High-speed Railway Station to here, but it's too far from Tianhe Airport. 🌟Highlights: - ✅ The location in the city center is really convenient. It's only a 10-minute walk to Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street. There is a snack street downstairs, it's super convenient to stroll and eat~ You can also take a walk and enjoy the breeze on Jianghan Road with your boyfriend in the evening. It's really an ideal life💕 - ✅ It's really comfortable to watch the lake view and sunset in the hotel. The super large floor-to-ceiling windows, the tatami is facing the lake view with a super good view. In the evening, you can watch the night view of the sunset🌃 while lying on the bed. The room also has an atmosphere sunset lamp, followed by a magazine blockbuster📷. I won't get tired of taking pictures with my boyfriend all day~ The pictures are so good that they explode. - ✅ The hotel facilities are not inferior to 5 stars. Giant screen projection🎬~Couple bathtub🛁~Overlooking the lake view. The room is very large, and it's spacious and comfortable for two people. The bathtub is disinfected by a special cleaning master, and it's clean~ There are details everywhere, which completely meet my requirements for the hotel. I must recommend this hotel to my sisters who come to Wuhan🙈 - ❤Recommendation reasons: 🔷Praise for the excellent location. As soon as you go out, it's Zhuyeshan subway station🚉🚉 Hankou River Beach, Yellow Crane Tower, and Jianghan Road are all within about three kilometers🥳 And it's in the Wanda business district, you won't step on thunder when ordering takeout. There are also many supermarkets, pharmacies, and restaurants nearby✨ . 🔷The room is clean and tidy, and the space is very large. It's high and not so soft, the most important thing is that the air conditioner won't blow directly to the bed. There is also a floor-to-ceiling window in front of the window where you can overlook the night view of Wuhan🌃. The TV can also be cast, so you can lie down and chase dramas. The built-in speakers in the room, the songs that come with it are very nice and sleep well. The room also comes with a small living room, which is very good👍 . 🔷The service is good. The taste of breakfast is okay, and it will be replenished at any time. The front desk lady is also very enthusiastic to help upgrade the room type. They also gave mineral water when checking out, which is very considerate.
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Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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