Hubei_Wuhan‖Winter vacation guide for taking children to visit Wuhan University

Throughout the four seasons, Wuhan University always presents different beauty. 📍Address: No. 299, Bayi Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. 🎫Tickets: Free. 🚃Transportation: Take bus 317, 413, 515, 519, 552, 564, 572, 587, 591, 608, 724 and get off at Bayi Road Luojia Mountain Station to arrive. 🚇Transportation: Walk 1.5 kilometers from Exit C of Hongshan Road Subway Station on Line 8. 1⃣National Wuhan University Archway As the 'face' of Wuhan University, the school gate archway can be said to be both atmospheric and ancient. 2⃣Cherry Blossom Avenue Every March, when the breeze is gentle and the sun is warm, Wuhan University and cherry blossoms have a romantic agreement: 'Come to Wuhan University to see Luojia Cherry'. In the buildings with green tiles and white buildings, feel the beauty of Wuhan University campus, like a dreamy fairyland and romance. 3⃣Wanlin Art Museum The museum is located in Wuhan University, the whole building looks like a flying stone, surrounded by green trees, adjacent to the central lake of Wuhan University, standing next to Luojia Mountain, mountains, water, forest, stone see each other. 4⃣Main Library The simple interior and spiral staircase, full of bookish atmosphere. It is also jokingly said by netizens that 'Hogwarts' has been moved into the library. 5⃣Wuhan University Cafeteria The taste feast of Luojia is also wonderful, the fragrant hot dry noodles, authentic three fresh tofu skin...... Lingering taste, feel the 'taste of Wuhan'. Wuhan University
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Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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