Things you must know before going to Wuhan, the great river, the great lake, and the great Wuhan!

1️⃣Wuhan does not have a city center, because Wuhan City was assembled from three cities that were once separated by the Yangtze River and the Han River. 2️⃣Transportation. Wuhan has three main train stations: Wuchang Station, Hankou Station, and Wuhan Station. None of the three train stations are remote, and the subway is very convenient. The airport is in Huangpi, in the direction of Hankou, with direct subway and high-speed rail to Hankou Station and Wuhan Station. 3️⃣Accommodation. Wuhan is very large, really large, you need to determine your main activity area before determining the place of accommodation. Popular accommodation locations include Jianghan Road, Chu River Han Street, and Jiedaokou. These are also the places with the most price increases during the popular period. You can look at non-popular areas, but don't stay in Dunkou, Huangpi, Caidian, Jiangxia, and Optics Valley Financial Port, which are very far away. 4️⃣City transportation. The subway has already been very developed and basically covers all the areas you need to reach. There are no shared electric cars in the city, and there are many shared bicycles. 5️⃣East Lake. East Lake is very large, there are many scenic spots, it is impossible to visit all, recommend Tingtao Scenic Area, the East Lake Green Road at the entrance of the Pear Garden, Moshan. 6️⃣Hubei Provincial Museum. Be sure to make an appointment in advance. The Zenghouyi Bells are on the first floor, and the Sword of King Goujian is on the second floor. If you can go before ten o'clock, look at the sword first, if not, there will be fewer people in the place where you see the sword after four o'clock in the afternoon. The next is lunch time. The Hubei Provincial Museum is next to the Tingtao Scenic Area of East Lake, it is recommended to pack together. 7️⃣Wuhan University. You can currently make an appointment to enter, you can make an appointment online in advance or scan the code on site. But Lingbo Gate is closed before May. 8️⃣Yellow Crane Tower. The Yellow Crane Tower is at Simenkou, the ticket is 70, and there is a performance, 120. Whether it is worth watching depends on personal preference. The popular Yellow Crane Tower subway station check-in location is at Exit B, and the Desheng Bridge 300 meters away is another feeling. There is also Tanhualin nearby. 9️⃣Yangtze River Bridge. Together with the Yellow Crane Tower, the riverside under the bridge is an excellent location for sunset. 🔟Zhonghua Road Ferry Terminal. It is also at Simenkou, you can take a 2 yuan boat to Hankou, it is also good to stroll around Jianghan Road, there are too many delicious foods.
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*Created by local travelers and translated by TripGenie.
Posted: Feb 15, 2024
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What are your recommendation for a 4 days visit to Wuhan în late April?
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