Autumn always carries a hint of blush and tenderness

Autumn is the gentlest season, making me want to wear a soft sweater and a stylish trench coat, to embrace this beautiful season at the Mulan Cloud Mist Mountain! Among the four seasons, autumn is the gentlest: the sun shines warmly, caressing people with its warmth that reaches deep into the heart; the breeze blows softly, gently lifting scattered strands of hair, whispering sweet nothings by the ear, an endless stream of tender words. The sky is also bluer and more gentle, always with a touch of red glow, adorning the sky that is either too blue or too white. The golden sunlight filters through the dense leaves, gilding the smooth foliage with a layer of gold, and casting mottled light and shadow on the ground. Looking up through the gaps beneath the trees, squinting slightly, the light blingbling in my eyes, it's as if stars or gold have appeared before me. The sun is not scorching, but lazily comforts the heart, and occasionally a breeze brings the rustling sound of the leaves overhead, followed by the sight of maple leaves drifting down, making one want to dance with them.
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Posted: Apr 9, 2024
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