Journey to the frontier, a fairy tale of autumn

✨Once someone said: "The autumn color of Xinjiang has an indescribable beauty." Today, let me take you into this picturesque autumn color and feel the charm of this land. 🍂Autumn in Northern Xinjiang: The romance of Kanas Lake and Sayram Lake First stop, we come to Kanas Lake in Xinjiang. The beauty here only needs a glance to deeply attract you. The autumn scenery of Kanas Lake, known as the pure land of the world, is the first of China's top ten autumn colors. Around September, it is a paradise for photography enthusiasts. But please remember, Xinjiang's weather changes a lot, even in summer, please be sure to bring warm clothes. Next, we come to Sayram Lake. The beauty here is also shocking. The ticket for Sayram Lake plus the shuttle bus is a total of 145 yuan. Here, you can enjoy the scenery of the top ten autumn colors selected by National Geographic. It is recommended that you check in at places like Dianjiangtai and Santai Grassland. Autumn in Southern Xinjiang: Exploring Kashgar Old City and Luobu Village Next stop, we come to the old city of Kashgar. This ancient city with a history of thousands of years is full of mystery and charm. The sightseeing car fee here is 40 yuan. The flower pots, blacksmiths, and handmade bazaars in the east area are worth visiting. The mosque, oil painting street, antique street, homestay street, Taha alley tour street and other places in the west area also have a unique flavor. Here, you can fully feel the charm and style of this ancient city. Finally, we come to the Luobu Village. There are many interesting activities waiting for you to experience, such as camel riding, desert hiking, sand sliding paragliding, desert car riding, etc. The specific prices are not provided here, but I believe you can have an unforgettable time here. ✨Conclusion: The autumn color of Xinjiang has an indescribable beauty. This guide is just a part of it, I hope you can discover more beautiful scenery and stories in every corner of Xinjiang. At the same time, I also welcome you to share your journey and feelings about Xinjiang with me.
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Posted: Jan 10, 2024
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