Amazing!!! Running and climbing at the place where the first ray of sunshine rises in Wuhan

It belongs to the Dabie Mountains and is also the highest peak in the east. As the place where the first ray of sunshine rises in Wuhan, It's so comfortable to run and climb to see the distance, Unexpectedly, I also encountered the rare rime! It turns out that it snowed in Wuhan these two days, And here it has become a northern scenery, Rime after snow, sea of clouds after rain, and mountains on sunny days. 📍Address: Jiangjun Mountain, Xinzhou, Wuhan 🌾Travel tips: ✅Free, very few people! The altitude is 693 meters, the mountain view is magnificent on sunny days, and it's beautiful to run and climb on foot. ✅There is rime but no slippery places, few cars, the trail is well built, and it is very suitable for a family to hike during the Spring Festival. ✅Run to Jiangjun View and continue a little further, the trail forms a loop down to Jiangjun View, which makes it easier to hike in reverse. ✅There are no small shops along the way, but there are viewing platforms, and parking is also convenient and free. ✅Jiangjun Mountain, Daoguan River, Chenglou Village, Wenjin Academy, are all part of a red travel route in Xinzhou, they are all together, if you have time, you can visit them together, I have shared it before!
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Posted: Feb 14, 2024
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