Trip Moments

Travel essential tools: mobile WIFI, charging treasure, SLR micro single, all kinds of luggage. Dutch KML Airlines, Beijing direct flights to Amsterdam, flight time of more than 11 hours, the time difference is just reversed, the quality of Dutch Airways service is also very good. By car to the town of Haarlem, the comfortable and comfortable town ~ the city is not big, the city hall is surrounded by the main building, the food also has a lot of food. A restaurant behind the church in the city center Restaurant Parels is a recommended restaurant in the travel guide trip advisor. The restaurant environment is very good, the recommended seafood is selected, the speed of serving is fast and praise. Worth visiting is the City Hall Square in Haarlem, which was originally the location of the movie "Daisy". Director Liu Weiqiang, the heroine of Quan Zhixian, remembers that the hero and heroine are painting in this square. Hui Yi (Zhong Zhixian) is a full-time painter who goes to the square every day to help passers-by to draw portraits, as well as a daisy sent by someone every day, and always send it to her on time, which makes her very curious. Suddenly one day, (Li Chengzai) met the painter of Quan Zhixian. The following is spoiler. If you haven't seen it, go and see first. He is an international policeman. He comes to the Netherlands to hunt down the killer. The hero loves beauty. He is hopelessly in love with beautiful, beautiful and gentle. Hui Wei, in the square, let Hui Yi help him to describe the portrait, a very beautiful movie, I believe you will like this town after you have seen it~