The Kona region is rich in coffee, which can only be grown on volcanic slopes and is very fragrant. There is no large coffee plantation in Kona, but it is made up of more than 700 small coffee farms. This time, we came to UCC Ueshima to participate in a special coffee tour ( UCC Roast Masters Tour), you can not only visit the plantation, but also you can roast coffee beans by yourself. Kona Coffee grows in the narrow strip of the coast and has a unique flavor and aroma. It is one of the best coffees in the world. The unique fragrance of coffee is attributed to the volcanic black mud of Kona Island. The volcanic black mud has moderate acidity, rich mineral content and suitable water content. Together with the humid climate here, it is very suitable for the growth of coffee beans. The production of Kona coffee is very small, so only the Kona coffee bought in the coffee plantation in this area is the real Kona coffee, and only about 5% of the Kona coffee bought elsewhere in the market. It's a real Hawaiian Kona coffee. The most special thing about taking part in a coffee tour is to be able to roast coffee beans by yourself. Under the guidance of the staff, the coffee beans are baked in an old stove. Individuals can decide the depth of baking according to their favorite taste. The taste of the beans with a low degree of baking is sour, and the taste of the beans with a deep baking is bitter. It is necessary to constantly observe the color of the beans to distinguish them.