Sarajevo City Hall
Sarajevo's Raiders, the new city after the war, h Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is known as the Jerusalem of Europe. On June 28, 1914, on the Latin Bridge in Sarajevo, Prinsip of Serbia assassinated the Ferdinand Grand Duke who ruled the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire and detonated the First World War. From 1992 to 1995, following the largest war since World War II, the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina broke out and the entire Sarajevo was surrounded by Serbian forces. The whole city is like a hell on earth, and it is also the longest siege war in the history of modern warfare. However, this city, made of blood and tears, has revived its vitality many years later. Recommended attractions: 1 City Hall Vijenicas City Hall is the most magnificent building built during the occupation of Sarajevo by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a symbol of world civilization. 2 Mosque mosque was built in 1951, the beautiful Ottoman building, the largest mosque in Bosnia and Herzegovina and now a Muslim-style octagon The tomb is in the mosque. 3 Sacred Heart Cathedral The largest Catholic church in Bosnia and Herzegovina, incorporating Gothic and Roman architecture, two architectural styles, two cultures. The city is characterized by numerous religious buildings and represents a positive and open mindset of the city's blending of culture. 4Latin Bridge The fuse of the First World War-Latin Bridge. Historical reasons doomed the extraordinaryness of the bridge. In 1914, the Serbian national youth Principe Gavrilo Princip assassinated the Austrian Crown Prince Ferdinand and his wife, and created the Sarajevo incident. 6Lion Tomb A couple was killed at the Vrbanja Bridge when they fled the beleaguered Sarajevo on May 19, 1993. When the two men stepped on the bridge, the gunshots suddenly sounded. The man first shot and died directly. Then the woman was shot. She held the other corpse tightly and died after 15 minutes. The two died when they were only 25 years old. 7 Sniper Alley This is the main city road in Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. Because of its unique location, it is the best sniper sniper. The sniper can hide and aim at any place on the street. It has also become an important cultural and historical site in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Practical Raiders: 1 Time difference: 6 hours slower than domestic. 2 Currency and exchange rate: Mark BAM, 1 RMB = 0.248 mark 3 calling card: I bought it locally and can solve it in TB. 4 Transportation: -Flight: At present, there is no direct flight to Bosnia and Herzegovina in China. The more mainstream is to choose Russian Airlines to transfer to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. -Automobile: Domestic flights to Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Munich, Split, Vienna and Zagreb, then transfer to Bosnia and Herzegovina. -Train: The only international train in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the daily Zagreb-Sarajevo-Mostal route.
Going to see him, you don't necessarily find "he" Every unique and beautiful place is the filming place favored by film and television dramas, and classic movie and TV dramas can always bring a place for sightseeing. Then there was a "four sisters izakaya" Wenhu sake to go to Hokkaido to find "You Are the One"; there was a trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia to find "Tomb Raider"; there was a trip to Italy to taste "Roman Holiday" Hepburn's ice cream; so we have to go to the famous city to find her defender - Walter. The first stop that the transit can reach is still the capital, Belgrade, but the name of the country has been changed to the "Serbia" of the mouth of the mouth. The plane will first look at the tomb of Tito, because some people say that Tito is the original shape of Walter. The "old friend" of the Chinese people was once a generation of heroes. Now he has been sleeping here, and he is as bright as a summer flower, and his death is as beautiful as autumn leaves. Going to Sarajevo for more than 7 hours. The ride allowed us to give up only the search for the "Guerrilla" (the name of the former South World War II film) in the mountains and the resistance of the mountains, from the low-altitude overlooking the clouds and mountains, the imagination of the years; on the propeller plane arrived wave The black capital has got rid of the bleak autumn winds that have just arrived in the Balkans. When its figure appears in the European pastoral scenery, it is really bright; in European countries, there are many mosques here. This is the wave. The strong Islamic atmosphere formed after the Black War is called "European Jerusalem"; The color of the city is much richer than the former former South Capital, which has just been represented, and it is said that the tram in Sarajevo is earlier than Vienna; continuous wars brought about the damage of this building and the trauma of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina who could not heal; The tributary of the Bosnian River Miriac River is the mother river, river of Sarajevo The building on the side has a unique style; was once a world war, a movie and a war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, let the people remember this "Sarajeo", and so quiet and unseen to hear this is called the world "gunpowder library" The smell of "gunpowder barrel"; When it was turned into Coppersmith Street, it was a bit familiar; Someone said
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Sarajevo I, Europe, visa-free, the most beautiful city in the Kabalkan Peninsula Bosnia and Herzegovina as one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans, with the saturation of Western Europe tourism, more and more people are looking to the small crowd in Eastern Europe country. Not only is there no crowding in Western Europe, but the price is so high. The most important thing is that Bosnia and Herzegovina is free of visas. Friends without Schengen can also travel to Europe. Scenic information: When it comes to Sarajevo, the Chinese will think of a movie "Sarajevo Defence War" decades ago. Because of this movie, Sarajevo has become one of the favorite tourist cities in China. The terrain here is different from other cities and is a basin, so it is very beautiful from any angle. The main attractions are the Sarajevo Grand Mosque, the Latin Bridge - the fuse of the First World War, the Sacred Heart Church. Sarajevo City Hall. shooting angle: The panoramic view of Sarajevo is very beautiful. Search for the yellow fort and white fort in Google Maps. From the city, walk about 20 minutes to the top of the castle and you can see the whole picture of Sarajevo. White Fort is a little better than the perspective of the Yellow Fort. The Latin Bridge is the fuse of World War I. The bridge deck is taken from the other side of the bridge. People stand on the bridge and shoot beautifully. The internal structure of the town hall in Sarajevo is very luxurious, requires tickets, can go in to shoot portraits and structures, and is suitable for wide-angle lenses. Transportation: The map of the bus in Sarajevo is not available. The starting price of the taxi is about 5 marks, about 2.5 euros, 20 yuan. But the city is just a short walk away. The Balkans are ideal for self-drive, or take the bus from the surrounding cities to Sarajevo. If you have a suitcase, you will be charged an additional 1-2 euros. Accommodation: I traveled in Europe most of the time to live in an apartment, the price of the apartment is very cheap, I live in the 2 room and one hall is more than 200 one night, the apartment can cook, pots and pans The products are complete, but there are not many Chinese supermarket ingredients, if you save money, you can go to the supermarket to buy food and cook for yourself, especially to save money. Price: As a European country, Bosnia and Herzegovina is not as expensive as you think. The prices in the Balkans are generally not high. Accommodation is similar to that in China, so it is really attractive to Chinese people. tourism. Other: The currency used by Bosnia and Herzegovina is Mark. You need to exchange currency when you come here. However, most countries in Europe still charge the euro. If there is no currency change, the card can be swiped by credit card. It is also possible to swipe the card to the euro. One euro is roughly equal to 2 marks, which is easy to calculate. The national quality of Sarajevo is very good. The people I meet are very friendly, but when you go out, you need to pay attention to theft, no matter where you are.