Trip Moments

Ratu Boko Palace
Getting There - The visitors from the bus parking area must take A few steep stairs Attractions - Temple Hotels - Sumberwatu Heritage, Amaranta Prambanan Food & Restaurants -  Shopping -  Such a wonderful place to visit with our beloved and fresh air, green everywhere, interesting for historic site, great place for taking pictures, and I feel like to stay the whole day, reading novel or have a lunch picnic there. Ratu Boko is a historical temple built hundreds of years ago. Some part in ruins, but overall stil great. The gate on top was in good shape. Perfect for sunset spot, as it's located on top of a hill. The parking for private vehicles such as motorcycle and cars are closed to the ticket counter, but parking for bus are far. The visitors from the bus parking area must take. A few steep stairs to reach the ticket counter. The ticket prices are 40K rupiah for 12 and up in the Weekend. There is no discount for students. I don't know about the ticket price for foreigners. The restaurant now has a little cafe that served freshly brewed coffee and chocolate type of beverages. The views from the restaurant are amazing, you can see the whole city, including prambanan temple from up there if the sky are clear. You should definitely go here for a quiet stroll in the morning or in the evening so you can see the beautiful sunset. The place is large enough so you won't often bump to another visitors while here. The stairs to go to the gate (Gapura) of the sites are great and not steep and has benches every few steps. The view along the steps in the staircases and in the sites even in the parking lot are stunning. But, mind you even tho this site are really large the toilets are only in a few spots. So, you need to look around when you're strolling so you'll know where to go when you're really need them. As the site are large, there are some sites that are closed because of unknown matters and a few area that can't be seen because of construction. #templeblessed #historicculture#summervacation#urbanexplorer