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Top 4 Family-friendly Attractions in Dayi - 2023

Discover a wide range of family-friendly activities, kid-friendly attractions, and fun for all ages in Dayi. Immerse yourselves in family-oriented sights and enjoy child-friendly entertainment. Experience unforgettable moments together.
Updated Sep 2023
  • No.1
    2,184 Reviews
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    "Very worth a visit, increase knowledge and learn history, not bad! Bring the elderly and children to play for a day, there are snacks in it, not expensive, acceptable, eat in the afternoon and continue to visit, many restaurants, but there is a navigation map"
    13.1km from downtown
    Highlights: The Jianchuan Museum Cluster in Chengdu is a complex of 15 museums, each of which has a different theme. The museums are organized across four major themes, including the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945), Folklore and Culture, China’s revolutionary era and the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake. The museums featuring artefacts and exhibitions of the Second Sino-Japanese War are the most frequented. Each building in the museum complex is architecturally stylish, all designed by the museum’s founder, Dr. Fan Jianchuan. Appreciating these different styles of architecture is wonderful in and of itself. Jianchuan Museum Cluster features not only more than eight million artifacts in the diverse museums, it also has facilities such as a hotel, teahouse, souvenir shops and a man-made lake to the north of the complex.
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    "Book 55 yuan tickets on After visiting Liu Wencai Manor, spend 20 yuan on the rail car. Take a leisurely turn around in Anren Ancient Town. After getting off the bus, stroll through the streets of the Republic of China, taste various local snacks, wear a beautiful cheongsam to take pictures..."
    13.3km from downtown
    Highlights: Liu’s Manor Museum, once a private residence of the landlord Liu Wencai, is now a well-preserved landlord's manor. The museum's treasure house displays the cultural relics of Liu Wencai's collection, including some paintings, writings and cultural relics and daily necessities. In the backyard of the manor, there is also are large-scale sculptures - “Rent Collection House”, which shows how the landlord collected his rent and made inspections. In the north of Rent Collection House, there is a three-story building. This is the "Lady's Building", which is said to be the residence of unmarried ladies in Liu family.
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    "The water quality is clear, the environment is beautiful, there are mountain spring hot springs and sulfur hot springs, the skin is very good after soaking, the staff is very enthusiastic, will remind us to replenish water after soaking in the hot springs, the diet is also very good, the dishes are rich"
    25.4km from downtown
    Highlights: The Huashuiwan Hot Spring Resort Area is located at the foot of the famous Xiling Glacier. This is a beloved hot spring tourism area, as many residents of Chengdu are fond of coming here for leisure time on weekends and holidays. The Huashuiwan Hot Springs tourism area has many medium- and high-quality hotels and resort villages. Visitors may choose which one they prefer according to cost and facilities. After returning from a visit to Xiling Glacier, many tourists come here to soak in the hot springs.
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    "The environment is good, there are not many people, maybe we travel off-peak, there are many fun places, the traffic is very convenient, there is a parking lot, and I have a good time. Next time I meet a friend and go there again."
    17.5km from downtown
    Highlights: Tianfu Flower Valley is situated in Jinxing Town, Dayi County, Chengdu. The project is a large-scale flower sightseeing ecological farm. Tianfu Huaxi Valley is located in the Longmen Mountains, surrounded by mountains and rivers. Two mountain spring streams run through the entire area. Here the air is fresh, with blue skies and white clouds all year round. The construction of the scenic spot completely follows nature, relying on the local topography and landforms built on the mountain, integrating the streams, flowers, bamboo sea, rocks and continuous hills, and presenting the wilderness scene of the western Sichuan small plateau. Many Gesang flowers are planted in the garden, with red, purple, and white colors. The layout is evenly distributed in different colors and heights to wrap around the entire park.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions in Dayi?
Some Family-friendly Attractions in Dayi include:Jianchuan Museum Cluster|Liu's Manor Museum|Huashuiwan Hot Spring Resort Area|Tianfu Flower Valley
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions in Dayi?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions in Dayi include:Jianchuan Museum Cluster:4.7|Liu's Manor Museum:4.6|Huashuiwan Hot Spring Resort Area:4.7|Tianfu Flower Valley:4.1
At what locations in Dayi can Family-friendly Attractions in Dayi be found?
The Family-friendly Attractions in Dayi are mainly located in:Jianchuan Museum Cluster:Dayi|Liu's Manor Museum:Dayi|Huashuiwan Hot Spring Resort Area:Dayi|Tianfu Flower Valley:Dayi