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Family-friendly Attractions
Top 6 Family-friendly Attractions

Top 6 Family-friendly Attractions in Haikou - 2023

Discover a wide range of family-friendly activities, kid-friendly attractions, and fun for all ages in Haikou. Immerse yourselves in family-oriented sights and enjoy child-friendly entertainment. Experience unforgettable moments together.
Updated Sep 2023
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    "Sunrise at Holiday Beach Is worth seeing ,We went there at 4 O ' Clock in The morning to see sunrise. and its worth it"
    10.9km from downtown
    Highlights: Holiday beach is located on the western side of Haikou city. To the left of the beach are luxuriant trees, and to the right lies the Qiongzhou Strait. The sunshine, sea, sandy beaches, and coconut palms here set each other off nicely to form a beautiful natural scene. At the weekends, you can come here with friends to enjoy barbecue and beer on the beach. When you've finished eating, enjoy the unique pleasure of a stroll by the sea.
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    "The overall fun is very good, that is, the traffic is not very convenient for foreigners. Take a taxi, from the city to the park, and charter a car to visit the car dealership area for a total of 190. It is not recommended to rent a car. Haikou is full of motorcycles. If you are not familiar with the traffic, it is very dangerous."
    30.5km from downtown
    Highlights: Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park and Botanical Garden is located on the bank of Dongshan Lake in Haikou. It is a zoo with the theme of tropical wild animals and plants. The beautiful scenery here is also a good wild environment for wildlife. In the driving area of the parks, visitors can witness animals such as the African lion, the Siberian tiger, and the Asian elephant in their natural contexts.
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    "This zoo. The outside is tattered, the inside is very good, there are a lot of small animals, the animals are a lot of free-range, you can interact with people, we bought vegetable bags, that turtle, chicken dumplings, and little monkeys are too cute, a good place for parent-child travel"
    15.6km from downtown
    Highlights: Swan Lake Animal Base is a modern ecological park integrating the breeding and travelling of rare animals. It is located in Guilinyang Development Zone, Haikou City, next to Guilinyang Avenue. This park consists of lake, small islands and peninsulas. Swan Lake is surrounded by large waterfowl dominated by swans.The island and peninsula are divided into Lemur Island, Tortoise Land, Flamingo Valley, Parrot World and so on.
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    "Overall it is not bad, there are fewer types of fish. The sea lion performance link is still very good, cute and obedient. It is recommended that the narrator can change a clear microphone, and the Mandarin can be said to be more standard. The mermaid link is also OK, but the water can be changed, it is really unclear."
    12.6km from downtown
    Highlights: Haizhiyu Seaworld is located in the new city of Mission Hills, Longhua District, Haikou City. It is a comprehensive sea park integrating marine landscapes, rare fish, marine animal performances and rare animals, marine environmental protection science popularization, parent-child and DIY education activities, dining and entertainment. The park displays the unique fishes of Hainan and the South China Sea, supplemented by land amphibians, and displays of ornamental freshwater fish, colored corals, jellyfish and sea lions, seals, turtles and other rare animals. It also has some animal-human interactive areas.
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  • No.5
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    "OMG! It was such a beautiful museum! It should be much better advertised! We loved every part of it! Very creative, big enough to spend and hour or so. It was fun not only for kids but also us adults."
    12.7km from downtown
    Highlights: The Haikou Teddy Bear Museum is part of the brand-new Centreville outdoor mall near Haikou, As its name implies, it's a museum...of teddy bears! The museum has 7 main areas, including the "One Belt, One Road Theme Exhibit", the Teddy Bear History Exhibit, the LV Teddy Bear Holographic image 3D Pavilion, etc. The museum displays how teddy bears and films have developed over time and also incorporates the characteristics of Mission Hills and local elements of Hainan.
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    "Carnival Water World is located in Mission Hills area of Haikou City. It is a comprehensive water park suitable for people of all ages. At the same time, the water electric sound party is held periodically to create a new frontier tide in the hearts of young people. Dark Whirlpool has confirmed the eyes, which is the top stream of the paradise I love! It's like being in a black hole, swinging back and forth, screaming with the sound of water, the whole soul flying! Number of people to play: 3-6 People/Group U-shaped skateboards Slide sharply from the near-vertical large skateboard, and then rush to the opposite landslide, free fall plus weightlessness... Now my mind is full of shaking, I am too difficult! Number of people/group Big Water Arrow Water roller coaster will always drip God! Turning up and down in a row, "Wow ~ oh ~" releases unlimited passion in the shouting and screaming along the way! Number of people playing: 2 people/group"
    12.6km from downtown
    Highlights: Haikou Carnival Water World covers an area of 50,000 square meters and has 30 representative slides, mainly dark vortex, U-shaped skateboard, big water arrow, inspire 360, brave Longji Peak, 8 competitions, and rapid ladder , 9 sets of imported equipment from Canada Whitewater Company, including the torrent and brave combination, the carnival and water base, including the little carnival world and baby carnival world specially designed for little adventurers to play, a long lazy river of about 330 meters, a approx. The 3,700-square-meter wave pool is equipped with a large screen and live entertainment. The surfing simulator brings a better wave experience. The park is operated by Fengqingyang (Hainan) Scenic Spot Management Co., Ltd. and is open until 21:00, bringing more entertainment items to Haikou's night life, and will create a comprehensive water park suitable for people of all ages.
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What are some Family-friendly Attractions in Haikou?
Some Family-friendly Attractions in Haikou include:Holiday beach|Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park|Swan Lake Animal Base|Haizhiyu Sea World|Teddy Bear Museum
What are some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions in Haikou?
Some highly-rated Family-friendly Attractions in Haikou include:Holiday beach:4.6|Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park:4.5|Swan Lake Animal Base:4.6|Teddy Bear Museum:4.2|Happy Water World:4.4
At what locations in Haikou can Family-friendly Attractions in Haikou be found?
The Family-friendly Attractions in Haikou are mainly located in:Holiday beach:Haikou|Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park:Haikou|Swan Lake Animal Base:Haikou|Haizhiyu Sea World:Haikou|Teddy Bear Museum:Haikou