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Trip.Best Top 4 Fine Dining in Shijiazhuang [2024]

Indulge in the best fine dining in Shijiazhuang! Experience gourmet meals and exquisite settings.
Updated Jun 2024
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    Restaurant in Hilton Shijiazhuang
    6 Review
    "Good scenery, elegant environment, good service, beautiful dishes"
    Shijiazhuang.Hebei Provincial Museum
    909m from downtown
    No. 2 of Restaurants for Views & Experiences
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    4 Review
    Other Chinese Cuisine
    "The Yuanjia cuisine located on Zhongshan East Road is a high-end private restaurant based on Beijing cuisine. It is an old wine roast meat, red and fat, sweet and sweet, thick wine and fragrant, mixed rice can eat three bowls! [Queue] Go on weekdays at night, there is a person in front of the queue; [Environment] The high-walled white jade reliefs are full of honor, and the rows of red lanterns are luxurious; [Dishes I] Name: Old wine roast meat Price: 98 yuan·Braised pork is located, but no matter which flavor, it is inseparable from the four words of sweetness and richness, fat and not greasy; ·Compared with other cooking methods, the braised meat with the old wine cellar has a more dense and compact taste, and the effect of detoxifying greasy is better; · The insulation stone is full of a pot, the weight is full, and three people eat enough; · Fat-scented flowers, pouring old wine cellar, the appearance is rosy and beautiful, and the entrance is smooth and smooth; · Wake up a little and then enter the entrance, you can taste the taste of wine; [Dishes II] Name: Wenfang Sibao Price: 78 yuan · Xi'an famous vegetable brush has a name that is flying in literature; · Compared with Xi'an, his home is more exquisite and tastes sweeter; · Pen ink paper is thick and thick, the weight is moderate, two people eat just right; · Pen is sweet bran bean paste, ink is bean paste cake with cocoa sauce, paper is glutinous rice skin, oyster is Beijing pea yellow, put into the appearance of four treasures, appearance of gods, taste sweet and delicious; ·Taste one by one in the order of pen and ink, unique style; [Dishes III] Name: Artemisia prawn ball Price: 174 yuan · The dishes related to shrimp balls are somewhat sweet; · Unlike the fried caramel of Beijing braised shrimp, the taste of artemisinia is more fresh and the taste is more refreshing; ·A large plate full of pits and valleys, full of weight, three people eat just right; · A large fresh shrimp ball, with green pickled juice, the appearance is clear and yellow, the taste is solid; · With the pot gas entrance, you can taste the original fragrance of the prawns; [Service] The waiter's attitude is acceptable and the serving speed is very fast; [Suitable] Suitable for gatherings, business negotiations, and family banquets; [Comparison] Compared with other private restaurants, his family's temperament is more noble; [Location] The fourth floor of the International Building; close to the Hebei Provincial Museum; [Transportation] It is recommended to take an electric power aid bus. This transportation is a characteristic of the international village and it is more convenient to ride the wind; [Discount] It is more convenient to pay electronically;"
    642m from downtown
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    Restaurant in Hilton Shijiazhuang
    9 Review
    Cantonese Cuisine
    "On the afternoon of January 4, 2024, I took the high-speed rail 🚅 to the beautiful Shijiazhuang and stayed at the highest landmark hotel in Shijiazhuang. This is in front of the 39th floor floor-to-ceiling windows at night, and I took a video to remember. When doing the video, savor it carefully. The night view of the city is so beautiful..."
    Shijiazhuang.Hebei Provincial Museum
    906m from downtown
  • No.


    Restaurant in Ximei Continental Hotel
    3 Review
    "The food is delicious, the up is fast, the environment is very good, the service staff is very good, every guest is sent to the elevator, and the parking fee is given."
    Shijiazhuang.Chang'an Wanda Plaza
    5km from downtown
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What are some Fine Dining in Shijiazhuang?
Some Fine Dining in Shijiazhuang include:石家莊希爾頓酒店·秀扒房西餐廳, Guojidashatanjiaguanfucai, 石家莊希爾頓酒店中餐廳, 喜福料理
What are some highly-rated Fine Dining in Shijiazhuang?
Some highly-rated Fine Dining in Shijiazhuang include:石家莊希爾頓酒店·秀扒房西餐廳:5.0, Guojidashatanjiaguanfucai:4.3, 石家莊希爾頓酒店中餐廳:4.1, 喜福料理:5.0
At what locations in Shijiazhuang can Fine Dining in Shijiazhuang be found?
The Fine Dining in Shijiazhuang are mainly located in:石家莊希爾頓酒店·秀扒房西餐廳:Shijiazhuang, Guojidashatanjiaguanfucai:Shijiazhuang, 石家莊希爾頓酒店中餐廳:Shijiazhuang, 喜福料理:Shijiazhuang
What are some specialty dishes found at Fine Dining in Shijiazhuang?
Specialty dishes at Fine Dining in Shijiazhuang include:石家莊希爾頓酒店·秀扒房西餐廳:Western-style, Guojidashatanjiaguanfucai:Other Chinese Cuisine, 石家莊希爾頓酒店中餐廳:Cantonese Cuisine, 喜福料理:Japanese
What's the average price per person at Fine Dining in Shijiazhuang?
Average price per person at Fine Dining in Shijiazhuang:石家莊希爾頓酒店·秀扒房西餐廳:Average price per person: AU$101.00, Guojidashatanjiaguanfucai:Average price per person: AU$51.00, 石家莊希爾頓酒店中餐廳:Average price per person: AU$55.00, 喜福料理:Average price per person: AU$71.00
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