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Top 3 Nature Attractions in Xianning - 2023

Discover the scenic wonders of Xianning's nature attractions. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking wilderness and experience the serene and picturesque landscapes that will leave you in awe.
Updated Sep 2023
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    "I came here 13 years ago, this time with my children, I still feel very interesting, except for the slightly longer queue, about 50 minutes to enter. Although the temperature in the hole is low, it is not necessary to wear a coat, short sleeves are just right."
    35.7km from downtown
    Highlights: Yishui Cave is located in Daban Town in Hubei Province’s Tongshan County. It was the first geological park in Hubei. The enormous cave measures over 5,000 meters in length and is magnificent. The shape, posture and form of the stalactites in the cave are all unique, each with its own characteristics. The rich underground stream makes the whole cave lively and graceful.
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    "As long as you go off the peak, it is not summer vacation, you will feel that there are fewer people. The scenery is very beautiful. Climbing up the copper drum bag next to the dam of Yunzhong Lake for about 2 hours. Most of them are cliff plank road slopes. A small half is the steps. The scenery along the way is beautiful."
    59.3km from downtown
    Highlights: The Jiugong Mountains are located in Hubei Province in the middle of the Mufu mountain range. They are known for their towering peaks, peaceful valleys, and unusual rock formations. There are also a number of hot springs and waterfalls. In addition to the spectacular scenery, the area is home to several cultural attractions including the tomb of the 17th century rebel leader Li Zicheng, a stone temple, and a famous Qing dynasty residence. There is also a ski slope with a comprehensive range of facilities, making the area an excellent year-round destination.
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    "A 20-minute one-way boat trip, there are some simple entertainment items to disembark, and the pit roller coaster can be played for free. Other entertainment items are charged. Call the spring for free. The overall scenery is OK."
    40.4km from downtown
    Highlights: Named after Lu Xun, a famous general of the Eastern Wu state in the Three Kingdoms Dynasty, who stationed here, and with quiet mountains, green forests, clear water and beautiful birds, Lushui Lake Scenic Spot has beautiful natural scenery and a long history of Chu culture. There is also the shooting location of the CCTV version of The Water Margin: Water Margin City, which consists of three attractions: Juyi Hall, Liangshan Mountain Back Camp, and suburb and wilderness street. There are performances of Water Margin stories and folk customs in the scenic spot on holidays.
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What are some Nature Attractions in Xianning?
Some Nature Attractions in Xianning include:Yishui Cave|Jiugong Mountains|Lushui Lake Scenic Spot
What are some highly-rated Nature Attractions in Xianning?
Some highly-rated Nature Attractions in Xianning include:Yishui Cave:4.6|Jiugong Mountains:4.3|Lushui Lake Scenic Spot:4.2
At what locations in Xianning can Nature Attractions in Xianning be found?
The Nature Attractions in Xianning are mainly located in:Yishui Cave:Tongshan|Jiugong Mountains:Tongshan|Lushui Lake Scenic Spot:Chibi