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Soup Bowl

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Recommended Sightseeing Time: 2-3 hours
Address: Bathsheba, Barbados

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Come surf in the "soup bowl"! ——Soup bowl Today I want to share with you the most "niche" place I have ever been to, Basherba in Barbados. How is it, doesn't it feel strange? I haven't even heard of this place before I went there myself. In fact, I am ignorant, Barbados is a famous tourist destination in the world! Soup bowl Soup bowl "Soup bowl" is named after the foam surfing in Bascher Bart, and it is also the main surfing location in Barbados. A variety of surfing competitions are regularly held here, and it is also the venue for international surfing competitions, so surfers and enthusiasts from all over the world meet unexpectedly. Now Basherba has become one of the venues for international championships. If you also like or want to try surfing, the "soup bowl" surfing spot is the most indispensable for professional surfers. Feel the pride of being above the sea and conquering the waves while ensuring safety! Pay special attention to 1. Pay attention to food hygiene and increase or decrease clothing appropriately. The islands are also a high incidence of influenza. 2. Be careful of toxic jellyfish, corals and other marine life when swimming in the sea. 3. When playing on tropical islands near the equator, be sure to prevent mosquito bites, which are prone to epidemics such as dengue fever!

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