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Knott's Berry Farm

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Ranked #3 in City of Los Angeles Family-Friendly Attractions
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Recommended sightseeing time:2 hours
8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90622Map

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It will be the first to introduce a large-scale rainwater collection and reclaimed water treatment system, and use the treated water for wetland park water supply, greening, washing vehicles and toilets, as well as municipal miscellaneous uses such as fire fighting and air conditioning. Reduced the amount of pollutants discharged, reduced the impact on the water environment around the city, and increased the amount of reclaimed water available. This change is conducive to environmental protection and the hydrological environment of the entire region


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Knott's Berry Farm is located in the northwest of Disneyland. The farm has theme parks such as Mexican Festival Village and Snoopy Camp. The founder Mrs. Knott's dinner is very famous. The restaurant attached to it still serves the chicken meal. Don't forget to try it when you go to the park. Knott's Berry Farm is a true representation of the Western Frontier Period and the Gold Rush, allowing visitors to travel back in time to an American village in the Western era. Snoopy, Charlie Brown and his friends, the souls of the park, show up more often to take pictures and shake hands with everyone. Outside the park gate is a shopping street, in addition to restaurants and various jams of Knott's brand, you can also buy Snoopy related products and souvenirs. People who like Snoopy should not miss this place. The division of the park is not very obvious, but it can be roughly divided into children's area, play area and ghost town. The children's area is on the right side of the gate, and all the amusement facilities are mainly for children. The amusement area is dominated by the thrilling roller coaster: "Supreme Scream" combines the characteristics of free fall and high-altitude bounce, allowing passengers to fall vertically from the top of the 30-story tower 77 meters to the ground to experience the feeling of soul and soul. The wood-structured Ghost Rider roller coaster is 1382 meters long. It takes passengers to dive down from the top of 36 meters at a speed of 3.14G. With the sound of wood shaking, you will be tense and dark. land. The "Perilous Plunge" is a yacht that swoops down from a 39-meter-high waterway at a nearly vertical 75-degree angle. At the moment of contact with the water, the water splashed up to more than 20 meters, which guaranteed to soak the whole body of the people on the boat and nearby, and no one was spared! Ghost Town is a re-enactment of the classic American West. You can experience the fun of sifting gold in streams, ride horse-drawn carriages and steam trains in the 1880s to speed through the backcountry Indian Railways, or ride back in time to 60 million years ago to experience the prehistoric universe, Dinosaur rampage. There are also overhead roller coasters and an expedition to the mines. When you are tired of playing, you can visit the ghost town and bring some souvenirs home. Knott's Berry Farm launches the "Knott's ScaryFarm" that scares people to death every year during Halloween, and it is the highlight of the Los Angeles Ghost Festival! At this time, the whole park was filled with a gloomy and miserable atmosphere. More than 500 ghosts and ghosts haunted in the dark night. They rushed out to greet you at any time and told you to "don't approach strangers"; You hugged from behind, only to hear screaming screams all over the garden, it was terrifying! Led by Avella After Darkness, every night at the "Happy Theater" in the park, a terrifying surprise night is performed, which is as terrifying as any horror movie.
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