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Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei

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"Historical Site"
Ranked #3 in Siem Reap Local History
29.5km from city centre
"The Queen's Palace is a relatively small site among all Siem Reap sites in Cambodia. It is not large, but it is famous and one of the most unique and exquisite architectural complexes in Angkor. Found in 1914, the "Queen's Palace", known as "The Pearl of Angkor Monuments" and "The Diamond of Angkor Arts", is a god of Shiva, one of the three major Brahman gods, famous for its smallness, exquisiteness and magnificence. The Queen's Palace is about 20 kilometers from Siem Reap City and can be reached in more than half an hour. Because the attractions in Angkor are subject to the pass system, tickets for all attractions are included in the pass. Tickets not sold separately are only checked, so you must not lose paper tickets. After entering the gate of the ticket office outside the Queen's Palace, it takes a short walk to reach the outside of the Queen's Palace wall, and on the way there will be several more damaged sites. Outside the Queen's Palace wall, there is a pond, forming a relatively independent palace area. The Queen's Palace is in good condition, with the best stone sculptures in the world. Many of the stone sculptures in the temple are three-dimensional, walls, columns, door posts and other architectural surfaces are almost completely covered by relief, without any gaps. The Queen's Palace embossing knife is smooth and delicate, with delicate lines and bright colors. It is the first of all Angkor embossings, and is known as the "Diamond of Angkor Arts". Unlike the blue sandstone used in most Angkor monuments, the palace is made of Khmer-specific red earth and peach-colored stone. The water-rich red earth is convenient for transportation, construction and intricate patterns. After the building was built, it became very hard after drying, and it is said that it can reach a level of not bad for thousands of years. In short, the Queen's Palace is a must-see for travel in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and it takes at least an hour to travel around."