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National Park
Bontebok National ParkNearby City

Bontebok National Park

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"National Park"
Open on Mon-Fri,7:00am-7:00pm (Local time)
"Get close to nature and have zero-distance contact with wild animals-Bontebok National Park In South Africa, we passed through many natural parks, large and small. This time we came to a beautiful nature reserve-Bontebok national park in Swellendam town. We found the reception of this park along the signs on the road. Each person paid 100ZAR (admission). The people at the reception enthusiastically told us the route and also told us about the history of this park! And you can rent binoculars here, trust me! Must have a telescope! We followed the instructions and entered this park. The park is older than I thought, very close to nature without any modification! I saw a lot of wild animals (this is the unique charm of South Africa, you can see countless wild animals), antelopes and zebras are not afraid of people. Under the guidance of the staff, we can also take photos with them! There are also various birds here! They are all varieties that have not been seen before! I also saw that some people have already set up camp here, I thought maybe camping here, shouldn’t it have a different flavor? ! ! The air here is very fresh! The breeze is very comfortable for people with a little sunshine! Next to this is the river, the water is very clear! Above the river are high mountains and blue sky and white clouds! It's really beautiful! We sat under a big tree and looked at various wild animals in the distance with binoculars. We stopped to eat when we saw enough (there were many people picnicking here) occasionally some naughty animals ran away Come to eat and drink next to us hahaha This is a very different experience! Picnic in this wild reserve for the first time! For the first time, I can come into contact with so many wild animals that I could only see on TV before!"