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Things To Do in Alsace

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m15***71One of the most famous towns on the Alsace Wine Route, Miyazaki’s mobile prototype of Howl Castle is a popular attraction due to Chinese restaurants. German-French mixed blood is a characteristic of Alsace. Colmar also has row of wooden houses and rivers, making it more romantic than other small towns.
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轻轻的一个蚊The Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg, sitting in the center of the old city, is not only a very famous Gothic-style cathedral in Europe, but also one of the most important medieval historical buildings in Europe. Because it was a bit late to arrive here, it was a pity that I could not walk into the cathedral to watch. The Cathedral of Notre Dame was built in 1176 and was not completely completed until 1439. The materials used for the church were entirely made of pink sandstone in the Vosges Mountains in the northwest of Strasbourg. On the front is a 142-meter-high minaret. The famous French writer Hugo once described the cathedral as "an amazing building that combines huge and slender."
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莲子99It is not large in terms of absolute area, but in small European cities, such a square is already the center of the city. A row of small houses is separated between the square and the cathedral, so you can see the spire of the church hanging in the air.
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Art Museum
fooler0809This is the residence of former royal family members and bishops. It is a building that you will see immediately when you enter La Petite France or the Big Island. The volume is very large in Strasbourg, and it is very eye-catching, directly along the river.
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Featured Neighbourhood
乖小咪The town of Colmar is a very beautiful ancient water town in France. The rivers here are crisscrossed with various bright flowers on both sides. The natural environment is very elegant and tranquil. Taking a boat tour of the small town of Colmar, the scenery is very unique, or walking on the small roads of the town of Colmar, feeling the romantic feelings of South France, is also a very good enjoyment and travel experience.
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Modern Architecture
莲子99About the northeast of Strasbourg, next to the European Court of Human Rights, it is a modern glass curtain wall building. It feels relatively empty after passing by several times. It will be alert when there are meetings.