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193 Reviews
穿白衬衣的薄荷星Kaiyuan | Chess Bay | is probably the best hotel in Hainan to see the sunset. Sanya is a classic tourist resort in Hainan. The domestic tour is popular and red. Wenchang and Wanning on the East Coast, however, few people know that there is a raw and natural blue bay chess piece in the western part of Hainan Island. Bay. Bay, as its name, the coast of Chess Bay has large, large, like colored pieces of pebble beach, white sand beach and the sky connected, so there is also "wanmu desert fall Hainan" a good name. China can see the perfect sunset coast not many, one is Taiwan Island, one is Hainan Chess Bay. Chess Bay is the only tourist resort in Hainan that retains the original natural landscape. Finding a resort hotel on this beautiful pristine coast is the perfect way to spend your holiday. It may also be because there is no development and publicity, there are not many hotel options, but fortunately there are Kaiyuan Resort, although there are not many tourists, but the quality and price has been quite stable. 🏡Hotel Name: Hainan Qiziwan Kaiyuan Resort 💰Average price: ¥600From, summer and holidays will be a little more expensive, but compared to many five-star hotels in Sanya, Qiziwan Kaiyuan is a conscience price whether it is the room rate or the meal fee. 🛀 Hotel facilities: ▫️ The hotel as a whole is very atmospheric Chinese style. The tall lobby is facing the sea without a fence. You can take pictures of the sea on the open observation deck. ▫️ The hotel room is 60㎡ take-off, very spacious, even if you live with children, it is enough. ▫️Don't bother with the sea view or the garden view, because each room in their home is facing the sea! That means no matter what the price and the room type of room, you can drink and eat watermelon on the balcony while watching the sunset! ▫️ The bathtub and the infinity pool are naturally the standard for the sea view hotel, so you can also choose to swim while waiting for the sun to slowly fall into the sea. ▫️ In addition, it has to be said that the hotel also brings its own water park. Children and adults are separated, because there are not many guests, so it can be said to be fun! ▫️Recommend the water rafting project of the hotel. Lie on the blue waterway, don't worry about anything. With the current, it is drifting. There are tropical green plants on both sides. The blue sea and blue sky in the distance are too pleasant.
68 Reviews
陵水郑先生I am a tourist of lingshui, hainan, and lost the value of huawei mate 40pro, a double model 5g mobile phone, on october 6, 2021, in your scenic spot. Just walked the scenic area "love" and "dominant", tired after the hill found the lost mobile phone, heart panicked and forgot the tired moment, from "love" to find mobile phone, but it is too late, looking for the failure, had to give up heartache. Friend remind me to seek the help of staff. So we asked the staff on duty for help, staff Mr. Liang Shaozhong is very enthusiastic, work serious people, he immediately proposed to find for me mobile phone, but it is late, tomorrow after the park first to go into the scenic area to help me find mobile phone. Because of our work, 6 must return to leave Changjiang, can only hope to Liang Shaozhong Mr. I feel very sorry and thank you, my mobile phone is not much power under the circumstances lost, I know how hard the way to find mobile phone. At 8:51 am on the 7th, Mr. Liang Shaozhong, a scenic spot, contacted my friend to inform that the mobile phone had been found and immediately arranged to send me SF email. Today, the mobile phone has been received as before. "Love" and "Domineering" are long and far-reaching, I can't imagine how Mr. Liang Shaozhong found a mobile phone, my heart is full of gratitude, thank him for his tireless, willing to help people and work earnestly and meticulous attitude, this spirit is very valuable, I express my heartfelt thanks to the leaders of your scenic spot and Mr. Liang Shaozhong.
36 Reviews
M22***46Qizi Bay is located in Changhua Town, Changjiang Li Autonomous County in the northwestern part of Hainan Province, and is surrounded by the Beibu Gulf. 150 kilometers to the north is Weizhou Island in the North Sea, and to the northwest is the Haiphong City of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The entire bay is about 20 kilometers long from east to west, in an S shape, with clear sea and fine sand. On the coastline, there are many strange peaks, strange rocks and phosphates, verdant trees, blooming mountains and flowers, all seasons are like spring. On August 25, 2016, Qiziwan was listed as the fifth national marine park by the State Oceanic Administration
36 Reviews
Nature Reserve
滇国剑客The "mountain" protruding from the Pingba is also called "ridge". Regardless of the reason, the beauty of the scenery here is the shared experience and personal touch of the tourists who have visited.
14 Reviews
Geological Sites
_We***76Take the kids, a big, natural cave. I'm used to the cave advice, so don't go because it's really just a cave. If you rarely see a cave, you can enjoy it. It's a particularly meaningful trip. 30 kilometers away, an hour and 30 minutes drive, the journey is the real version of the roller coaster, a left corner, a right corner, up and down, when driving out of the mountain, I myself vomited, I feel that the mountain is around the Bawangling up the mountain
15 Reviews
Historical Site
滇国剑客Guchang Huacheng still has a long history and architectural culture, after the field of view, a kind of Qin Mingyue Han time brick feeling, natural hit the heart, let people more infinite feelings and moving.

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Changjiang Travel Tips

About Changjiang

Changjiang is in the east of Hainan Island. It enjoys a typical tropical monsoon climate with abundant sunshine. Changjiang also boasts delicious natural food and local specialties such as Wulie goat, Shanlanjiu (a spirit made by the Li ethnic minority), yucha (a local dish), Changjiang mango, Changjiang seafood, wild honey, and earthenware made by the Li ethnic minority. The area was previously given the title of National Quality Production Base for Mangoes. Famous attractions include Qizi Bay, Bawangling National Nature Reserve, and the Shilu Iron Mine.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Changjiang
23 Oct, 2021 Changjiang Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 81%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:41/18:16
Changjiang Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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