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Things To Do in China

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_GG***38I had an amazing experience! This is a perfect place to come let your inner child out🤩. We got to enjoy Disney characters show during the day. My highlight was definitely the evening light show,it was nothing short of magical! There are numerous restaurants and snacks vendors inside.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
HoooooHuge area and beautiful architectures. I recommend the place. you definitely should visit there when you are in Beijing. You’ll need to reserve a ticket in advance.
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Observation Deck
Modern Architecture
HoooooIt was a great opportunity to visit there. went there around 4pm and stayed there at 7:30. It was beautiful view from the tower but very crowded when I was heading to an elevator.
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TellaForeigners, for your information:There is a QR code to scan and buy tickets online. We asked at our hotel for help booking but it is relatively easy, just with your passport as IDyou will receive a text message with a linkthe link shows your ticket information and a button for each ticket that pops up a QR code. this is the only thing you need to enter, no paper ticket is then needed. you just scan the QR code at the entrance are sold in 2 hour sections starting from 8:30amwe went at 8:30 to 10:30as a foreigner they will require you to show them your passport at some point during the entry but it takes 2 minutes. although there were still a lot of people at 8:30 it was not crazy busy and we could see the pits easily. we started with pit 2,3 then 1 as suggested. at one stage we were the only people in pit 2 (besides security) and it was extremely peaceful.
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_We***08It would be worth your time to rent a bike or shared bike. Much better experience and you won't be as hot since your walking the whole time!
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_AP***93Really enjoyed the visit here and definitely say it was worth it. I just thought I would see pandas and not think anything of it. But the pandas look very well taken care of and it was very interesting to see their interactions. it was so adorable to watch. I’m not a big fan of places of enclosed animals but I enjoyed the pandas.