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Things To Do in Cognac

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我在传说中The music is full, very beautiful, a great place
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乖小咪The French Château Pauaclavia can be said to be one of the most famous wineries in the world, and it produces the most expensive Lafite wines. The entire winery is very elegant and has a history of more than 300 years. The wine produced here is one of the best wine brands in the world. The special wineries belonging to France are definitely worth visiting.
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Historical Architecture
ForeverHappy2729Not a very grand one, but right in size, deco, excellent upkeeping. Worth to join a guild tour to check-in the historical theatre.
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乖小咪The Archbishop of Saint-André in Bordeaux is the most famous church here, and it is very large. It is not worse than Notre Dame de Paris. The whole building is very simple and has very complicated and exquisite sculptures. The two towering towers are its hallmarks. The interior is also magnificent. It looks very solemn and is definitely Bordeaux. One of the most worth visiting attractions.
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乖小咪The Cancons Square in Bordeaux is the center of the entire Bordeaux city. It is also the busiest square in Bordeaux. There are tram tracks more than 100 years ago in the square. Every few minutes, there will be jingle bells reminding of a very The retro tram will come slowly, which has a special taste.
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Observation Deck
Historical Architecture
lulu0531Location: This very beautiful fountain is just across the river from Notre-Dame Cathedral. General situation: Actually, I walked from the hotel where we stayed to Notre Dame. I just met this fountain in the middle. It is located at Notre Dame de Paris and the opposite bank. It is on the sharp corner of a small block. I just met a few Local jogging groups are gathering. In fact, in Paris for so many days, they have not found this wonderful fountain many times. The format of the fountain should be described as the scene of the goddess of war Athena. There are fountains with fishtails for teachers and students on both sides. Mouth, but I don’t know why this fountain is called Upper Michel Fountain. Of course, there are too many small attractions around Notre Dame de Paris. This small fountain is not easy to find as a corner of the main street, but it is also not to be missed. And not to mention the ticket, the bronze sculptor looked for the marble background, which looked spectacular.