Upper Normandy
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Things To Do in Eure

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Famous Residences
包衫寺的古蔓妮The most beautiful garden I ever seen! The day tour is nice, guide is French lady and who can speak in Mandarin, very elegant woman as is. The souv there in reasonable price. Unforgettable trip :)
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Art Museum
M32***23Giverny Museum of Impressionism Painting is one of the most favorite art museums in the industry. Impressionism is great, and the water lilies are beautiful. Slowly appreciate it, and stand in front of the painting and feel great! Very artistic~
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Historical Site
Observation Deck
118***54I went to Gaillard Castle in March. The weather in France is still a bit cool, especially on the banks of the Seine River. There are no obstructions around it. There are particularly many castles of hundreds of years in France. This is considered to be of historical significance, and I am amazed by the ancients. The buildings in the city can still stand tall after hundreds of years of wind erosion and rain. The broken walls of one or two meters thick tell us how fierce the war was! There are green forests on the side, and many people come out for walks and rides. It is a beautiful place with a story!
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Ancient Settlement
Jjp金Tournus is our first stop in France, this is a historic town, we come here mainly for food. According to reports, the French cuisine in Tournus is very authentic. There are many Michelin restaurants in a small town. Every weekend, many Parisians drive here to taste their food. I chose a seat at a Michelin restaurant at the entrance of the town, with a Chinese menu. We ordered grilled lamb chops, roast duck, French snails with rice, and ordered a glass of beer. They cost about 50 euros. It tasted delicious, and it was the first time to taste a real French meal.
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王怡嘉About one kilometer away from Monet’s Garden, the town along the way is beautiful and quiet. The church is small, and there is a cemetery on the hillside behind. Monet and his family are also buried here. The tomb is not very conspicuous, only a small tombstone has his name written on it. Instead, the cemetery of other people is larger.
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Eddies888Baker Abbey has a history of one hundred years, and the two tall towers are landmarks of the Catholic Church. From the outside, this sacred monastery feels that Europeans have a strong faith in Catholicism, and everywhere in the monastery, you can see saints in white clothes praying here.