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Things To Do in Gdansk

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_We***95This street is the center of this city where people buy amber. In Gdansk, Baltic amber is abundant and abundant and can be found everywhere, but there are more amber shops on this street than you think. I went in and out of shops across the street to find the perfect amber ring. In the end, I found the ring I expected and bought it at a very good price!
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BernibearThis place feels like something out of a story book sunsets and snowfall. walking around feels like you are taken back in time.
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117***02This towering and magnificent church is second only to the cathedral in Wawel Castle in the size of Krakow. Surrounding this Gothic brick church built in 1222, you can feel its majesty no matter where you are. Entering the inside of the church, you can really describe the magnificence and magnificence inside the church in four words, the three-in-one exquisite wooden altar at the end has already become one of Poland's national treasures. The dome of the main hall is full of golden stars embedded in the blue background, making people feel like stars swimming in the vast universe
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vivieneswiThe square is small, and the building is very distinctive and sentimental. It is nice to walk around the river for a cup of coffee, and the local gold leaf wine gift box is worth buying, less than RMB200. There are both goldwasser and fishmarket restaurants. The seafood at fishmarket is very good. It is always full at night! Go early! By the way, Amber Street, Golden Gate, and Queen's Road are all together. There is enough time to play in the afternoon! Bought some gadgets on Amber Street
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juki235The Gdansk City Hall is on the Royal Boulevard in the Old City. It is the most eye-catching building on the Long Square. It is a beautiful Gothic building. The city hall can be visited, and the interior is beautifully decorated. There are also exhibition areas, exhibiting some objects and scenes related to the history of Gdansk. The tower can also be climbed, and the entire Gdansk can be seen from the top, which is very beautiful.
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雨田The world's largest medieval castle was built from the 12th century to the 18th century and was gradually completed. It stands magnificent along the river, with museums and restaurants, which are worth seeing. It was said that the baby was severely destroyed during World War II, but it was seen again after the war. It is now well maintained.