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Things To Do in Ghasri

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DJDQHere is the bluest to the Mediterranean, and here is the blue that must be seen in a lifetime. At that time, I couldn't swim, I really sighed and sighed. I was so anxious that I couldn't swim in the sea water. The shore facilities are very complete, umbrellas are available for rent, and lifebuoys are not available, because foreigners can swim. There are also a lot of ships passing traffic.
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Geological Sites
DJDQIf you want to see any scenic spot, you must be as early as possible, whether natural or human, because it is likely that one day you will wake up and your home will be gone. Such as the Blue Window, such as the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road. Except for the strong wind and the out-of-time bus, Lanchuang is super magnificent and terrifying. You can sit quietly and look at the sea at Lanchuang for a whole day. The beauty of the world is probably here.
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Historical Architecture
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咖啡渣There are currently 6,000 residents in the city of Victoria. The style of the city is simple and simple, like an old man who has gone through centuries of vicissitudes. In addition to being the center of Gozo, the city is also a transportation hub, government agency and cultural activity center for the entire island.
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大姐小露開心果In the Middle Ages, the people of the Pirates were very afraid of the Citadel Castle at the commanding heights, which was originally planned and built to provide shelter for the islanders when the enemy invaded, similar to other huge forts on the island of Malta, all with high walls The towers and forts that sit with the black ammunition castle are maze of narrow streets and quaint houses with balconies, neatly lined olive trees scattered over the earth from the battlements to look out over the countryside of Gozo to prevent rains from washing away the farmers Low walls stacked in rocks depicting terraced hills are beautiful ~Residents are not so disturbed by the original planning and construction of Citadel Castle on Gozo Island to provide shelter for the island's inhabitants when the enemy invades, similar to other giant fortresses on Malta. The towers and towers of the towers and the forts that sit on the walls of the city and the black ammunition castle are maze of narrow streets and quaint houses with balconies, neatly lined with olive trees from the forts of the countryside that overlooks the sea in the Gozos Low wall fences to prevent rainstorms from washing away farm rock stacks depicting terraced hills are good looking ~
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Observation Deck
流浪的小miumiuI didn't expect to have such a perfect medieval garden on an island country in the Mediterranean. Unexpectedly! It's more beautiful than Italy and Greece. After reading this, then look at the Schönbrunn Palace in Austria. It is really weak. Schönbrunn Palace is like a large suburban lawn. Hahahaha, the picture above, see for yourself
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fz570628In the Disney cartoon fairy tale, there is a "Popeye" who eats spinach and is extremely powerful. In Malta, a "Popeye Village" was created according to this fairy tale. The village has a barber shop, a bakery, a sawmill, a post office, a fishing shop, and a shoemaker's shop. After the live-action Popeye movie was filmed, these scenes were completely preserved.