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Things To Do in Grafenhausen

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野枫印象Located on the south side of the Black Forest, Lake Titti is a beautiful scenic spot, the Black Forest Natural Oxygen Bar is a great place to see the sky and water. A cruise on Lake Titti, beautiful water and views of the shores of the lake are very enjoyable.
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王怡嘉Schaffhausen’s Rhine Falls is about half an hour’s drive from Zurich, Switzerland. Along the way, the train will pass by the bridge next to the waterfall. Sitting by the window, I was surprised to see such a spectacular scene. I must have a stupid expression on my face. The girl sitting across from me looked at me and smiled. After getting off at Schaffhausen railway station, transfer to S33 to Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall station, or transfer to bus No. 1 and 6 to Neuhausen or Zentrum station. These two locations are located at both ends of the waterfall, and are connected by a cruise ship in the middle. If you have enough time, you can visit both ends to experience different perspectives. If time is tight, it is recommended to take the route of Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall station, because the viewing platform there is closer to the waterfall, and you can feel the powerful water coming on you. And the whole route is to go straight to the highest point of the castle, then walk a short distance to buy a ticket, and then go all the way down, one by one from the viewing platform to the pier, the route is relatively labor-saving. If you come from the other end, you have to climb up one by one. There are also two routes for cruises, the short one is just a ferry, and the long one will circle around the lake and stop under the waterfall for a closer look.
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