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Things To Do in Guzhang

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RITNBOur secret tip for Hunan visitors with access to private transport. When traveling to Zhangjiajie and/or Furongzhen make the detour to see this geo park. We discovered it by coincidence thanks to the exit sign on the highway. During the dry season the stones show their actual red color but even in rain it’s a dreamlike experience to see the 450 million year old stones.
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_FB***19This town is very unusual. Take pictures not as beautiful as you see with your own eyes. It was a very cheap decision that our family stopped by here before continuing to Zhangjiajie. Like charging the battery
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gz当地向导伊妹儿Sitting in Longxia Scenic Area is pleasant, the air is fresh, natural, natural scenery, natural oxygen bar, interesting, feel comfortable, refreshing, cost-effective, good choice.
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m13***28Safe, very safe, suitable for elderly people and children, the whole family to play with the project. 2 and a half hours of play, the scenery is also very beautiful. However, definitely remember to buy a water gun. Buy it will not regret it.
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Glass Skywalk
roiberadorIt was an amazing experience! The place is very accessible from Zhangjiajie City by riding the cable car all the way up... Truly a Must see...
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曹 操The construction of the Aizhai Ohashi bridge started on 2007 10 28, and it opened on 2012 3 31, and the opening ceremony was held. The high-speed passage in the western Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan Province, China, is located on the Deyu Grand Canyon, is a component of the northwestern highway of Jishou City, and is also a key control project of Baotou Ningmaoming Expressway (National Expressway G65).

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