Hawke's Bay
New Zealand
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Things To Do in Hawke's Bay

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杏子翰The aquarium is on the beach, with the sound of waves. The shape is round and the whole is graffiti. There are generally many kinds of things inside, and you can also see kiwi birds, and the colorful fishes are very beautiful. There is also a few hundred kilograms of dry, and I saw seahorses swimming and super large turtles. You can still visit the small city of Napier
6 Reviews
爱走路爱跑步In the evening, I drove up to see the scenery, the light was soft, the field of vision was wide, and there were few people. We waited until sunset, when the sea rose and the moon went down.
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爱走路爱跑步The Napier winery has a wide range of options in terms of price, and the price is affordable to the people. For wine tasting, there are ten dollars per person, you can taste six styles, and a wine glass is also provided. Express delivery to China is very good, but the freight is expensive.
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Botanical Garden
TodemmyThe area is small, relatively new, and there are different plants from all over the world. You can take a look on the way to the North Airport. There are many sea views in the garden, and the whole journey takes about an hour.
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Featured Neighbourhood
Art Museum
爱走路爱跑步The scenery is beautiful with few people. The sunrise is very beautiful. In the evening, the moon rises on the seashore, and the moonlight shimmers on the sea. The seaside boulevard is lined with trees... In fact, it is not too sunny at noon. There are many running and fitness activities in the morning and evening.
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Water Park
112***81The water park is quite clean and tidy, although the staff is rarely seen.