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Things To Do in Herceg-Novi

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咖啡渣In 2016, "Lonely Planet" was awarded the top of the list of the most visited cities in Kotor. A small village with a small number of residents near the Bay of Kotor, where hiking, boating and other outdoor activities are available all year round.
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88topWe arrived at the Blue Cave by speedboat from Kotor. The Blue Cave is a natural cave under the cliff on the seashore. It is not large and can accommodate about 3 speedboats. Because of the light and shadow effect produced by the refraction of the sun shining on the sea surface and entering the cave, We enter it as a green hole.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Ancient Settlement
轻轻的一个蚊World Heritage Kotor (Kotor). One of the best things about Kotor is to get lost in the maze of streets in the old town and find your way out. The town is not big, there are many churches, mainly Orthodox. There are many cafes on the roadside, you can take a break, and then continue to lose...
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Historical Site
Vee BeeA must see to have an overview of the old town from the top; l will definitely recommend to go late afternoon to avoid the heat; the entrance tickets is 200 kuna you can get it at each gate! Enjoy this stunning city!
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Historical Site
Observation Deck
AURURA木木There will be a reflection of the city wall in the moat at the door, and the scenery is particularly pleasant, especially when the sun sets, and Tito writes on the city wall, we don’t want other things, and we don’t give others our things.
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Historical Site
88topHerceg Novi was founded in 1382 more than 600 years ago, and is located at the intersection of Eastern and Western civilizations. In history, different civilizations collided and merged here, which had a profound impact on their culture. Some of the city’s fortifications—the fortresses built during the reign of Turkey, Venice, Spain and the Austrians, record those long gone. The history of being occupied by different colonists has created a diverse urban character in Herceg Novi. All this has left a deep mark on the current urban landscape of Herceg Novi.