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Things To Do in Jiuzhaigou

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UNESCO World Heritage-Natural Site
Gaviota798The water was spectacular. The park was a great experience. Recommend walking along the outside paths as there are hardly any people otherwise it’s packed and hard to walk. (July 2021.)
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Beiou"Jiuzhai return not to see the water, "Jiuzhaigou in addition to the stunning landscape, there are many places worth to go, Jiuzhai ancient scene area is one. Here can fully understand the Tibetan and Tibetan peoples' customs, and can enrich the leisure time in Jiuzhaigou. 📍 Address: Zhangzha Village, Jiuzhaigou, navigation. 💰 Ticket purchase: audience 280/person, VIP seat 290/person, luxury sofa seat 380/person, discount ticket 240/person. ⏰ Opening and closing time: 3 pm to 10 pm. 🕰 Performance time: three games a day, you can choose according to your own time. 💫💫Not to be missed: 1, Jiuzhai's ancient love: The whole play is closely around the "Jiuzhai Legend," "Guzhai Battle Song," "Han Tibetan and kin," "Daai Wujiang," "Auspiciousness of the World" and other acts to create a shocking vision of the eyes. 2, All kinds of flashes: There are many Sichuan elements in the scenic spot, panda welcome, Sichuan dramatic face, and snow-covered Tibetan sound. 3, Pokzhuang revelry: The last people jumped around the bonfire and turned the whole scene.
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mal***naIt''s always very crowded. I would recommend to avoid the stairs and access to it from the bottom part of the platform.
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M23***41Nenen Sancuo (Shenxianchi) scenic spot, niche attractions, general travel guides are less mentioned, but if you go, really will surprise you. She belongs to Aba County, about an hour and a half away from the scenic area, but travel agency bus will not arrive, because the twenty-eight corners of the scenic area is expected to be the big car to stop.
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mal***naOne of my favorite lakes. Try to go to the end of the platform where there are less tourist and you can take nicer pics or chill out and enjoy the scenery.
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如烟如雾Changhai, located in the Jiuzhaigou scenic area in the highest altitude, the altitude of more than 3000 meters, when go to find that Changhai is the only one in Jiuzhaigou scenic area sea son covered by heavy snow, although can not see sea son, but covered by snow, is also quite spectacular.