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Things To Do in Laoting

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960 Reviews
M32***30The island was soon attracted by rows of buildings, the water structure is neat as a textbook on the water Venice. The wind blows through the island with a faint fragrance of flowers, every corner can take beautiful pictures. Play sand with children at the beach, sand is very delicate, barefoot walk very comfortable.
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M24***17I didn’t book a ticket online because I decided to go there. I bought a ticket and got 30 tickets. The train can drive to the island. There are 20 small trains for one person. There is no limit to the number of rides, every half an hour, and the scenery is mediocre. What surprised me more is that there is a Buddhist art museum under the lotus-shaped building. It is free to visit. Many travel notes don’t mention this place. Maybe most people are not interested, but I am different. There are many dynasties in it. The Buddha statues and historical relics made me fascinated by ancient history and culture. Even for this museum, 30 tickets are worth
64 Reviews
世界美食游走达人It is said that there are 11 islands in size. The famous Bodhi Island is across the sea. The area is about 3.2 square kilometers. There are also legends that when the eight fairies cross the sea, they scatter the flower baskets here.
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Memorial Hall
社会颜色Li Dazhao Memorial Hall, located in the new city of Tangshan County, Hebei Province, Dazhao Road, August 16, 1997. The area of 100 mu, the building area of 4680 square meters. Li Dazhao Memorial Hall, by Jiang Zemin General Secretary titled the name of the museum. Li Dapeng Memorial Hall is the exhibition center, research center, patriotism education base and tourist attraction of Comrade Li Dapeng's life achievement. It was designated as one of the 100 patriotism education bases in China by the Central Propaganda Department.
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趁年轻去疯吧One of the closest beaches to Tangshan, the surrounding industrial area is still undertaking sand blowing and reclamation projects not far away. The quality of the seawater is average, but the sand is small. If there is no rubbish, it is comfortable to step on. Unfortunately, tourists are not environmentally friendly, and rubbish is everywhere. , There are cleaners walking around, but not thorough. The charge is 10 yuan per person and 10 yuan per car. If the child is not too tall, there is no charge. If it is the weekend, there will be a lot of people. They are all cars from Beijing and Tianjin. Therefore, weekend prices are also expensive. Umbrella rental 150 at noon in the morning Yuan, when there are fewer people at three or four in the afternoon, you can rent it at a bargain of 50 yuan. I feel that the owner of the umbrella is quite dark. The surrounding rain storage items are all 10 yuan. I have been there many times, and there has been no excessive slaughter incident.
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City Park
李小兔斯基Go ahead in the rain, no one at the gate, don’t know, is it free? It should be free! The car drove all the way into the park, and there were roadblocks at many points. There was a fish pond inside. There were several cars fishing in the rain, and there seemed to be a cemetery next to it.

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Repulse Bay Sea Water SpaTangshan,China

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Huaxi ResortTangshan,China

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Li Dazhao Memorial Hall (South Gate)Tangshan,China

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Puti IslandTangshan,China

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Jinsha IslandTangshan,China

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Yuetuo IslandTangshan,China

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Laoting Travel Tips

About Laoting

Located in the southeast of Tangshan City, Leting is the birthplace of the classical art form “Leting Big Drums.” On the southwestern side of Leting, the sandy island of Yuetao is located in Bohai Bay. Yuetao Island gets its name because it is shaped like a crescent moon. On the island there are Dutch-style wooden cabins and colorful villas standing in the water, making it a very special sight to behold. There are also many natural and cultural attractions, such as the Li Dazhao Memorial Hall, Bodhi Island and Jinsha Island.

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