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Things To Do in Larnaca

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army wenwenVenus is regarded as the incarnation of the goddess of love and beauty, and it is said that she came by walking in the sea near the goddess of love in Cyprus. Based on this, I think about the scene when Venus was born. In addition, it is said that on the night of the full moon, people who are single can meet true love and those who love each other forever
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渭南松赞干布St. Lazarus Church is located in the center of Larnaca. It was built during the Byzantine Emperor Leo VI in the 10th century. The church was built entirely of stone and has a complex structure. It has three halls. The original three domes have been damaged. The bell tower It was rebuilt in the 19th century. The crypt of St. Lazarus is buried in the basement of the church. St. Lazarus came to Cyprus in 33 AD and became the first bishop and patron saint here. The current church was built on the remains of two earlier churches.
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Historical Site
热爱生活0618The Larnaca Fortress is located on the coast of Larnaca. It was built in the late 14th century and was used as a defensive fortress for the port of Larnaca. The fortress was rebuilt during the Ottoman Empire in 1625. The building is a two-story stone structure.
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HFHR2013A mausoleum close to the airport is very unique in appearance. If it is not introduced by the tour guide, the location is the mosque in this country
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juki235The Larnaca Regional Archaeological Museum is a museum for the collection and exhibition of cultural relics unearthed in ancient Cyprus. It has a large collection of unearthed pottery, period, sculpture and jewelry. It can be clearly seen that many civilizations have developed here, such as ancient Rome, Ottoman, Byzantium, etc., all relics have been discovered, which fully reflects the ancient history and important strategic significance here. It is worth visiting.
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Historical Site
Historical Architecture
热爱生活0618Selimiye Mosque is the most important scenic spot in Northern Cyprus occupied by Turkey. Its magnificent architecture is awe-inspiring. It was built in 1209-1326 and was originally a Franconian cathedral.