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Things To Do in Longueuil

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E57***59there are times when you cant go in the Cathedral, so make sure to check the free time to go in! its a must see in Montreal.
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Featured Neighbourhood
绿带小米Old city old port, slowly the pace of old city old port slowly old, here the various transportation vehicles are not so advanced, trains are very broken, the road is very bumpy, the ship is very slow...but everything is very orderly, people's life is not so nervous, even if not weekend, old port area walks, long distance running, There are still a lot of people on the bike.
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City Park
超人姐姐Mount Royal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada is an original natural park. It has its beautiful taste in every season. In summer, the reflection of the lake is clear, the grass is green, and the mountain paths are authentic. The late autumn is even more beautiful, the lotus leaves are fragrant, the maple leaves 🍁 squirrels are pleasant everywhere, the sunshine is beautiful, and walking and running are all excellent choices. …What Chinese people admire very much is the magnificent scenery, with mountains, water, grassland, flowers, and trees...no tickets. You must visit Mount Royal when you come to Montreal.
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E23***95it’s a quiet place to relax, have a walk and spend quality time. Take your camera, you will need it...
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Botanical Garden
Stephen HaileyA lovely place to explore. Includes a good play park for kids and the cafe is ideal for lunch or a glass of wine in the sunshine.
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Marie SurinNice place to got instead of staying in or not having fun time in family!!