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Madagascar Travel Guide

Madagascar is a country/region in Africa. Famous for cities such as Antananarivo, Analamanga, and Diana, you'll find plenty to do and see here.
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Looking for things to do in Madagascar? We provide up-to-date info on everything from must-see scenic spots to local hangouts.

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Madagascar is a world of its own 😍 Idyllic islands, verdant rainforests, jaw dropping national parks, the greatest wildlife... This exotic gateway is hard to beat! Official
More than 100 million years ago, Madagascar was separated from the Indian plate and remained alone in the Indian Ocean. 65 million years ago, a 10km diameter asteroid hit the Earth, hitting the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The big bang caused the dinosaurs to extinction. The whole world was in a sea of fire. Fortunately, Madagascar is right in the earth of Yucatan. The back is minimally affected, so many rare species are preserved. It is said that 70% of the species in Madagascar are unique worldwide. So, if there is a Noahs Ark in this world, it must be Madagascar. Madagascar is the main land where humans settled at the earliest. It was about 350 BC before humans arrived and lived. Madagascar was previously a virgin land that was completely untouched by humans. Come to Madagascar Travel and explore this island of time forgotten. The best thing to do is to look at the mysterious wildlife world on the island. There are two ways to play, free travel or with the group, usually with the group tour, because there are guides to lead the way, the trip will be safer, and the most easy to see some rare animals, do more with less. Every night, here is the carnival of animals. The forest did not dare to go in, so it was on the side of the mountain. The main event was to find a special lemur, which is also the world's smallest primate, the Mouse Lemur. The mouse lemur only haunts at night, is small in size, and is about the size of a mouse. It is said that this animal is also a close relative and a primate. Speaking of Madagascar's most bizarre animals, the chameleon is a must. Madagascar is the world's largest and most unique chameleon community, with half of the world's 197 chameleons living here, 59 of which are unique! The best place to watch chameleons is Butterfly Valley, but that's just a place name. There are no butterflies at all in the area. Butterfly Valley is a privately managed amphibious sanctuary with a tropical rainforest and a quiet environment with various forms of chameleons. The chameleon looks like it is not easy to get close, but it is actually a very docile animal. Will be put on the hand, they do not bite. Chameleon body color will change into different colors with the environment, there are dark brown, green, red, colorful, and people's eyes open.
Ahn'Qirabe, experience the authentic life of the island. You can get to know the authentic Mashima life with a warm and honest Ma Island native. Ahn'Qiraj is a famous tourist city in Madagascar. People are not rich but content, and the village photography here is an ideal theme for humanities photography enthusiasts. European-painted cars are sold here. This is the Peugeot 404 in France, which has not been seen in China. The city style of Ahn'Qirabe is as quiet and elegant as a European town. There are many main types of transportation here, like passing through time and space, there are human rickshaws, horseback riding, and antique classic cars from the beginning of the last century. The French building and the steeple church next to the street have a colonial taste.
Madagascar opened an electronic sign, magical animals here crustal movement over 135 million years ago, the supercontinent split, Madagascar Africa was split out and became Africa's largest island. Madagascar is one of the most endemic countries in the world, with a unique landscape such as baobab trees and the world's top ten pure beaches. We have been to a dozen African countries, and the favorite place is Madagascar except South Africa. Now that the e-sign has been opened, you can fly to see the world's unique lemur and chameleon. Motor Capital, is a petty and idyllic mountain town. I was fascinated by the idyllic scenery outside the window from the airport to the city center. It was once colonized by France and the house was painted with colorful patterns. h come to Madagascar where to go, the world's unique scenery. It is a boulevard 10 kilometers away from Murong Dawa. In the sunset, it becomes the planet of the little prince. Be sure to come. is comparable to the island of Mauritius, but less than one-half of the consumption in Mauritius. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world is rated as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. The island is full of chameleons and lemurs, and you can see them when you walk out. The hotel here is also very cost-effective, and the food is suitable for Asians. !! You must see the lemur lemur once, the kind of lemur king in Madagascar animal movies, which can only be seen in this country. There are dozens of lemur species in the motor that can be seen at the zoo. Or go to the island, they are very courageous, see the bananas and run to you, the hands are soft and super cute. !! Must play once. The chameleon chameleon movement is really slow and slow, but the tongue is very long. Let it crawl on the hand and observe it quietly. There are also many varieties of chameleons. Common greens don't change color. Others don't change color. It's fun. They can swim. Visa: The third country can be signed on the ground, the electronic sign is also very simple, 72 hours in advance, just fine, the required information is not much. Airline: It is more expensive to fly from China. It is recommended to leave from Hong Kong. We found a very cheap ticket, with a minimum of 2,200 RMB from Ethiopia to Madagascar.
Madagascar is part of South Africa and one of the world's four largest island nations. There are countless natural landscapes, the most famous of which is NosyBe Island. Every time you pass through the village, there will be women and children's overhead plates to sell you fish. And snacks, and fruit stalls are more, Ma Guo's fruit is really different, take pineapple, it looks very ordinary and domestic no difference, but when you cut open, you will find that the juice will splash out, eat Only the fruit is sweet and eaten a lot, it will not gargle. The bananas made by Ma are all very small, and may also be related to the wild picking of bananas. The small ones are very chewy and sweet. On the island, I met more people. In Madagascar, the Ma people originally ate rice, but after being colonized by France, the Italians were heavily stationed. Now every restaurant you Inevitably, you will see the menu of pizza, which is more common on the island of Nosybe, which is dominated by Italians. The bar is good, the restaurant is good, you can see a big oven, a master is baking pizza there. .
Remember the Madagascar cartoon? The animal five-person group came to Madagascar and met the crazy king lemur and the clever penguin. It was discovered in Madagascar in Africa that there are no penguins here, and the most precious animal is the king lemur. Lemurs generally live in the southern national forests, and in the capital of the capital of Antananarivo, you can also see precious protected animal lemurs. It is Lemurs' Park, a private protected area 22 kilometers west of the capital. Here you can find 9 kinds of lemurs, even the ring-tailed lemurs and black-and-white lemurs that are hard to see live here. If you don't have the chance to see lemurs elsewhere, this is a great place to visit! Lemurs are free-range (except for two nocturnal species, they are confined to fairly small cages) and are very docile and do not harm humans. They can closely observe the growth habits of various types of lemurs and understand their language.