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Things To Do in Melk

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非你不渴The cruise ship docked at Melk's harbor, looking at the quiet town, and I was filled with anticipation and warmth. I was visiting this pure European region for the first time, and was curious about the monastery.
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City Park
TodemmyMostviertler Schienenradl is a park with few people, mainly locals who come to walk around at will. There are not many characteristics, there are many vegetation, the lawn is very big, and the other features are nothing~
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Historical Site
M32***23The site of Venus of Willendorf was discovered in 1908 and is a statue of a woman in the Stone Age. Visitors can also watch some of the historical sites that were dug up at the same time, and learn about people's thoughts and history at that time.
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非你不渴Probably because of the high noon, the town is not crowded with tourists, only the three of us in the shop, leisurely walking between the old streets, which basically around the blue and white churches to the mountain road.
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
_FB***47beatiful palace, luxury, history, gardens, and more you are going to see in this incredible palace its like tale in a book, its seems fake but is real
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TodemmyEuropaschloss Leiben is located in a relatively central area. It has a very good feeling. There are many old items, and some novel glass curtain walls and dome designs. They are exquisite~