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11 Reviews
乐天的静乐天的静The scenery here is simply amazing, more beautiful than I have experienced in almost any place in the world, including Colorado. The only problem is that you have to deal with Argentine drivers on your way from Mendoza. They really have no rules at all when driving. Anyway, we can't realize that they have any driving rules. So if you want to visit here, it is best to find a tour guide to follow, or just follow a group. We signed up for a group, about 200 Argentine pesos per person. The best way to pay is to take US dollars or Euros to the bus parking lot, and then wait for someone to ask you: "Do you want to pay back?" As far as last week, the official exchange rate was 5 Argentine pesos to 1 U.S. dollar, but the actual market exchange rate almost reached 7.75 Argentine pesos to 1 U.S. dollar.
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City Park
乐天的静乐天的静There are many comments about how beautiful this park is and how suitable for picnics, and this place is really suitable. And this comment is mainly about this park is a very suitable place for exercise. You can walk, run, ride a bicycle, and row a boat. This park can inspire you! To be honest, there are many people in this park who are exercising, but they are actually inspiring you. This park is so beautiful, it can make you forget that you are actually in the center of Mendoza city. Those who are on vacation, if you read this review, you can go to the park for a few hours, bring a book, go for a walk, rent a bicycle and ride a few laps. Don't just sit in the hotel, go outside and enjoy the nature of Mendoza, eat barbecue and have a Malbec, and recharge yourself.
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National Park
一米q一米qAconcagua Provincial Park is located on the outskirts of Mendoza, close to the Chilean border area. The natural ecology in the park is very well protected. It is a pure original ecological landscape with no traces of artificial carvings. There are mountains and lakes. This time it is and Friends came here for a picnic and camping, great scenery.
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Geological Sites
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Observation Deck

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ENTRE LINO Y ALGODÓNMaipu Department,Argentina

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Palmares Open Mall,Argentina

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Mendoza Plaza Shopping,Argentina

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Malargue Airport,Argentina

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