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Things To Do in Nanning

7,876 Reviews
luckyone113It's so impressive. Very nice mountain with a lots of scenery. A lot of walking but it's worth every single steps. You can take the bus ride but you won't be able to see everything that it had to offers. I was there for about 7 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's a must visit place if you are in Nanning.
747 Reviews
Water Park
妮妮爱饱饱Super fun, very very suitable for couples, it is best to start with four friends or two teams of couples, because some projects need four people, anyway, it is very fun, there are also a lot of projects.
1,454 Reviews
_We***23This was awesome. The highlight for me was the overhead Acquarium all the different species of sea animals were great. I recommend the Seal performance-it was a bit too short but it was good.
897 Reviews
E22***18Not only a zoo but also the amusement park. Suit for family with kids and a group of friends. Recommended to go in Winter. Summer is toooo hot!
679 Reviews
Water Park
人在旅途天高云淡I bought a VIP. I often leave the hustle and bustle to Longmen in the afternoon. I park my car in the parking lot outside the scenic area. I get off and walk into the scenic area. When I reach the entrance of the hot spring, there is some exercise. The hot spring pool is hidden in the forest. Hours, quietly resting, leaving the park in dark, dimly lit, it was just dinner time.
540 Reviews
ac米兰1976[Scenic] A boundless mountain! A waterfall of dozens of meters high, with a variety of flowers 🌸! [Fun] There is a Tropic of Cancer, there are waterfalls, there are lakes, there are small bridges! [Cost-effective] Nice! You can play paragliding, you need to make an appointment!