National District
Dominican Republic
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Things To Do in National District

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乖小咪Boca Chica Beach in Santo Domingo is a large beach with very beautiful scenery. The beach here is very wide, and the sand is white and delicate, and it is very comfortable to step on. There are many barbecue shops on the beach, where you can taste fresh large lobsters, not only delicious, but also very cheap. If you come here, don't miss it.
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Historical Site
乖小咪The Columbus Lighthouse in Santo Domingo is an iconic building in the old city of Santo Domingo. It was built to commemorate the landing of Columbus here. The shape of the lighthouse is completely different from that of the traditional lighthouse. It is a square trapezoid. Although not tall, it is radiant and can definitely point out the direction of the ships passing by. He is a symbol of the great navigator Columbus. Mingo is a city of great significance.
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pxy0705This is a very historic church in Dominica, nearly 400 years old. The church building is a typical European-style building. The interior space is very large, with exquisite murals of gods, and the stained glass folds describe the stories in the Bible, which is very colorful. To enter the church, you need to wear long-sleeved trousers, not too revealing.
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elsashen0529The Palace of Fine Arts ~ the former ruins, today’s palace of art, San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts. The architectural style is an antique Roman ruined building. It is a work designed by a native American architect. The overall is magnificent and gorgeous. There has also been an exposition and a temporary building. Has become one of San Francisco’s cultural buildings
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Other Places of Worship
努力的三号It is okay to enter the landscape for free without a ticket. There are many people resting here on the outside platform. This square is also very lively. It is a clock-in cathedral here, and the inside is still very magnificent.
Nearby City
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我在传说中The scenery is very unique, I took a lot of photos, all of which are beautiful and very fun