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Things To Do in Nordjylland

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M49***70Grenen is the northernmost point in Denmark. It is a sha Tsui, 4 kilometers away from the city. Known as the "Arctic" in Denmark. Two seas meet here (Skagerrak and Kattegat), and one sea at one foot, the waves meet, and there is so much fun. It is said that the sky here is very blue. A place not to be missed.
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TodemmyThe Lim Strait (Limfjorden) is the only way for Viking pirates to enter the Atlantic Ocean, and Linholm Island is not far from the strait, so it has become one of the places where pirates frequently visit. There are nearly 700 Viking cemeteries on the island, making it the largest cemetery in Northern Europe. There is a pirate ship-shaped sign made of stones on the tomb, scattered in a grass on the top of the hill, surrounded by tall three beech forests, the scenery is magnificent and worth seeing.
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淼淼0301Aalborg Zoo is said to be the first zoo in the world to pass environmental certification. This zoo advocates nature and most animals grow naturally. There are a lot of animals in it, and they are full of vitality. After I went there, I felt that the animals here are more comfortable than normal zoos. I recommend this zoo.
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E21***82The Aalborg History Museum is built in the old town. The interior decoration is exquisite and gorgeous, showing Aalborg’s historical status and prosperity during the Renaissance. The museum has a collection of art and furniture from prehistoric times to the present. The yellowed books, old sculptures, and antique household items make you feel like walking on the streets of Aalborg hundreds of years ago; while walking through the corridors At a glance, you can see the white tile artwork, and immediately pull your thoughts back to the modern age, and feel the exquisite craftsmanship and high-end design of the new era.
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M49***70The Budolfi church is located in the center of Aalborg’s old town. The exterior is painted with white ash, and the interior of the hall is decorated with gorgeous frescoes. This white church was really beautiful when I first arrived here. Although it can’t compare with the gorgeous Catholic churches in Italy and other countries, the overall design is very fresh, simple and not simple, and it feels very Nordic.
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TodemmyEasily accesible by car, large free of charge parking. Beautiful duna, great views from the very top. Somewhat windy so a windproof jacket comes handy.