North West
South Africa
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Things To Do in North West

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National Park
juki235The Pilinsburg National Park in Sun City is very large, the entire park is equivalent to a Singapore. Many rare wild animals on the African continent live here. Lions, elephants, giraffes, porcupines and other unique animals on the African continent can all be seen here, and it is definitely a thriving scene.
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juki235The Time Bridge in Sun City is located in the center of Sun Amusement Park. This bridge is also called the Seismic Bridge. Because when you pass this bridge, the bridge will make a loud rumbling noise, giving people a feeling of shaking and shaking. In fact, this design is also to commemorate the destruction of the Sun City in the earthquake, but miraculously rebuilt Build up a spirit of perseverance. It is also a place for every visitor to Sun City to experience after all.
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_We***68When choosing tourism products, it is also due to the fact that one night stay in the Royal Hotel is arranged during this itinerary. As the car drove into the hotel, we were already shocked by the momentum of the hotel. The hotel is more appropriate than the castle. The entire castle is surrounded by jungle animals and stream gardens, full of wild and unique African style. In the courtyard, there are sculptures of cheetahs hunting and antelope running away. The panic of the antelope and the agility of the cheetah are vivid. There is a bronze sculpture of an African elephant 4.5 meters high. It was completed by the famous sculptor Dan''e de Jager in 3 years. The 6 paintings on the dome of the main hall of the hotel, with a total area of 50,000 square meters, are magnificent and themed as jungle animals. All furniture in the hotel, including wooden doors up to 8 meters high, are hand-carved and covered with luxurious and complex reliefs. All carpets and other fabrics are also specially made, and the patterns are mostly animals and plants on the grassland. The Palace Hotel has a total of 338 luxurious guest rooms, ranging from furniture to small pencils, all of which are specially customized. The most lingering thing is the Crystal Palace Restaurant, with flowing water under the corridor and floor-to-ceiling windows that blend the inside and outside of the restaurant. The atmosphere is elegant, the buffet breakfast is diverse, as well as fresh salmon and oysters. It is worthy of a six-star hotel. ......Although it is easy to follow the group, it is a bit of a common problem. For good hotels, good attractions can only be taken to take pictures.
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pxy0705Wave Valley is a large man-made beach. The water here also shows a faint blue color, and there are white sand beaches, just like on the seashore. Every once in a while, huge waves are created here, and people cheer up and down in response to the waves, which is very exciting, exciting and fun.
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Other Sightseeing Tours
pxy0705Pride of Africa is a very famous statue in the Sun City. It is a fountain with four gorillas standing back to back, with African-specific properties on top of their heads. It looks very African and full of primitive and wild nature. These are worthy of Africa. Pride is very vivid.
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Golf Course
juki235The Golf Club of Sun City is a famous golf venue in the world. The stadium has flat lawns, undulating mountains, and a natural lake. Therefore, it has also become an important venue for the World Golf Tour. It is worthy of everyone to experience.